Idiot Of The Day Award…

…goes to someone other than me, for a change:

Scene 1: There I am, plugging away furiously at my computer with the Serious Cat* face on, when my phone rings.

Idiot: Is that John? Can I speak to John please? Are you John?

Me: *thinking: okay buddy, calm the fuck down* No, this is Sheena.  You’ve dialled the wrong number.

Idiot: Can your transfer me to John then?  I need to speak to John.

Me: As far as I know, we don’t have a John in the office, but give me a sec, I want to confirm.

*Hold music*

Scream to IT dude – “Do we have a John?” his reply?  (asshole) “Its right down the corner, Sheena.  Sex changed, has it?”

*unlick Hold button, stiffle swear words directed at IT guy*

Me: Nope, sorry.  No John here.  Have a good day.

Idiot: Well they told me he was offshore until July, so maybe he isn’t back yet.  Can I leave a message?

 – – – –

I actually wanted to scream.  I am BUSY, DUDE.  FUCK OFF!  How absolutely stupid can one be?  He had the intelligence levels of a dead person, I swear.

Haven’t slept. Major headache. Bad news in the family received yesterday. Might or might not have stayed awake watching Gummi Bears all of last night.  Just putting it out there…

 I’m that cool.

* – sorry, I would’ve linked it for you guys, but the pop up thingie kept blanking out on me.  Click on this.  You must.  Or I’ll eat your liver.  (muwahaha – private joke).


  1. Tamara says:

    I get morons calling all the time. And I call morons all the time. My best is the PR agency I often deal with who have a message on their machine saying, “Our offices are currently closed for the festive season and will reopen on 14 January, 2008.”

    I mean, they’re in the communications business, for crying in a bucket!

  2. shebee says:

    Cath – hehe. I couldn’t find the pic online anywhere but here for some reason. Oddness.

    Tamara – I hate them. your PR company sounds horrid.

    Sexy Shaun – God damnit, you should’ve tried to sound huskier! I would have never lost my cool then!

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