I was tagged. I finally got around to doing it.

girls-weekend-at-the-berg-114So I was tagged.  Thanks Feisty.  You bitch.

The rules are that I have to go to my 6th folder, pick the 6th picture & post it, tell you the story, and then tag six people.

I’m a rebel though, at heart, you all know that, so I won’t tag anyone.  But I will tell you 6 things about this photo instead.  Cos I’m 666 like that.  Evol, baby:

  1. Yes.  Those are my burnt boobs.  And my bra.  And my motor-boat starter bottom lip. And my whoresome polka dot shirt with blue buttons.
  2. What was I thinking?  Well, I wasn’t.  I was checking out my incinerated chesticles, man!  We’d spent the day in the blazing sun at Champagne Castle in The Berg.  Watching birds race dogs.  It was hot. I forgot to protect my assets.
  3. Tiff took this photo of me.  She’s in Thailand now.  Shout out to Tiff!  Don’t eat the chicken! And no fucky-wucky with the dodge locals!
  4. The couch I was sitting on was made up of marshmallows, I’m sure of it.  The poofiest thing in the world.  So comfortable.  Especially after a few bottles of wine with the girlies.
  5. This weekend was just after my boyfriend died, my retrenchment and my retreat out of esCape Town with a psycho.  My mates wanted me to chill, and chill I so did.  We went hiking, jumped on trampolines, had breakfast on the terrace and rode horses.  Well, they rode – I watched with wary eyes.
  6. Champagne Castle had just built luxury cabins down at the lake, we were comp’ed to be the first official guests there.  For free.  Also, we had a pair of black egyptian geese mating every morning.  They were loud, horny bastards and got it on 24/7.


  1. FeistyFemale says:

    I’ll happily snatch up the title Bitch… (been getting a lot of that lately)

    Just to read your blog and to share your take on life, makes it all worthwhile.


    Keep writing – you rock.

  2. Fake_Name says:

    Wow you have big boobies! check out those bazongas! lol shebee I think your male readership will suddenly shoot up if you post those pics 😉

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