I teargassed our kitchen!

So, Hayley thought it would be funny to give me teargas, in case I accidentally hijack somebody again and need to protect myself.

I get home from the coast this morning and decide to test the stuff.

I aimed for the kitchen sink, forgot to cover my mouth and naturally it ricoccheted off the wall, nowhere near the sink, and hit me right in the gob.  Needless to say, I have been streaming tears, coughing and sneezing the house down, and our kitchen is infected with tear gas.

Like Cath says:that’s like giving a psycho person a knife and hoping they dont stab anyone!

I have teargassed the kitchen.  Oh boy…


  1. Stef says:

    you would do that…
    shame man, so the stuff is potent, yes?

    glad you had a great birthday, did you get my sms????

  2. Candy Grrl says:

    Ah man…to have been a fly on the wall!

    Dude, I forgot to wish you on your very special day…I am most apologetic…would a mere mortal like me be forgiven for the forgetfulness?!? I are truly sorry sweetie…hope you had a fabulous day, as you deserve 🙂

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