I talked the walk & more!

When Jon said that someone in his group couldn’t make it and smiled sweetly at me when hinting that the position was open, I decided that I couldn’t say no.  I couldn’t say no mostly because he gave me those big blue begging eyes and I’m a lame ass girlfriend that still melts at her boyfriend, even after all these years.

Discovery 702 Walk The Talk, 2012.  8km.  I said I’d do it.  And did it, I did.  Plus another 4km from the car and back, which means in total I walked 12 kilometers of awesomeness.  And the best part?  This morning I stood up and totally didn’t die like I thought I would.  Yay me!

Anyway, here are some photos.  If you’re thinking of doing it next year, do.  I really enjoyed myself, despite the crowds.

Here’s the start line.  It took us 35 minutes to eventually cross over it!

Lookit the horsies!  I love that Joburg has cops on horses, it’s archaic and old fashioned and lovely.

During the event, at every kilometer or so there were different stand points with various DJ’s, bands, performers, cheerleaders, competitions etc.  The vibe was incredible!

Messages of motivation like below were all over the place from the residential neighbours.  Some turned into capitalists and were selling boerie rolls, hot dogs and cool drinks from their gardens.  So clever!


Mom getting her hair sprayed for cancer.

After already walking 9km this sign was a very welcome sight! We’re near the end, Toto!  Yaaaaaaaay!

And then I saw this and nearly fell on the ground to kiss the finish line!

And after the initial shock of walking up and down hills for nearly 3 hours straight, these cheesy grins were non negotiable:

So yes.  Happy I did it.  Got 2 more races to do this weekend and pretty much at least one per weekend going forward.  Oh, and I’ve lost 14kg since our cruise in Feb.  I didn’t even notice until I kept getting comments at work so eventually got on the scale.  Initially I was totally depressed, until my mom reminded me what I weighed in Feb after I went to visit her for a few days.  Happiness!  Got a long way to go still yes, but I’m so motivated I could kak myself.


    • Shebee says:

      Thanks, C! I don’t need to join a group – between my mom, Jon and some of our friends I’ve got all the support anyone could want. I’m lucky 🙂

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