1. BiancaW says:

    No! Nooooo!! NOOOOOOOO!!! You didnt! Did you? Really! Ugh – dude that just sucks.

    JUST THIS MORNING I was going to e-mail you to ask you how you are enjoying it and if it was worth me putting on my Christmas List.

    I assume it is then.

    Sorry bud! What a sucky thing to happen.

  2. Shebee says:

    It’s totally worth it, B. Put that shit on your list!

    I’m so bummed, seriously. Went into immediate and desperate depression. Not even sexy time could cheer me up 🙁

  3. BiancaW says:

    Bwwaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaa!!! Sorry man – not laughing AT you! Not even sexytime, hey. Sheeshkebab – thats bad!!

  4. hardspear says:

    My deepest condolences at your sad loss… Ggggmmmmppphhhhh Wha ha ha ha haaaaaaa. I alternate between sincere empathy and laughing fits over this!!

    I love my Kindle dearly.

    You are going to have to send yours to Amazon for repairs… what a bitch!

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