I might defy all laws of literature…

I’ve often wondered why I write.  It’s never really been anything that I was taught, or even anything that I ever wanted to do.  I’m not technically very good at it, I get all my grammar wrong and my punctuation only happens by feeling more than knowledge alone.  I write like I speak.  But tonight I learnt something.  I learnt that I write in order to slow my thought process down enough so that I can understand some of what goes on inside of me.

My brain races a mile a minute and while I like to say its because I’m ADD or have the attention span of oh look there’s a kitty, it’s actually the opposite.  I have so many thoughts, my brain runs a mile a minute and often I don’t know what to respond to first.

When I argue with someone I never know what to say.  It’s not because I want to avoid conflict, its because I have so many conversation scenarios running through my mind at the time, I’m not sure where to start first.

When I try and explain myself I just confuse those around me.  Not often do I get my original point across and this frustrates me.

But now I know why I like writing.  Its because for just a moment, when I sit back and read a little bit of what is going through my head, I understand myself.  I make a bit of sense out of my brain and can communicate it to my heart.

I may defy all laws of literature, but I sure as fuck know how to write from somewhere deep inside of me.  And that, for me, is enough.


  1. Stew says:

    and I know how to coment

    propler spelling are importent

    and is grammer!

    plus the ability to selectively CAPitalize adds value to your meal

    Please return your seat backs to their normal locked positions. And thank you for flying smartass airlines!


  2. Amy says:

    Brava! I think thats why a lot of us write, or at least why i write. Its not necessarily for the blog fame or blog love ( although thats all good people…. ) but for the chance to get things out and better understand them in the light, instead of hiding it all inside in the dark….

  3. cheapthrills says:

    and you know how correct to structure your properly sentences.

    and you can like to be funny and sad and crazy and happy sometimes

    and you can like to wear a jean pant (and we know why, now)

    and we can like to love you!

  4. Goblin says:

    You don’t defy the laws, you bend them slightly to suit you…and that’s what makes you great and entertaining 😉

    That, and your brain. I like your brain. I want to open it up and look at it and then….ooo…er…nevermind…

  5. Ches says:

    It lekker…reel lekker!

    And finally….no more Flying Bat Penis on a Spring with a Zip down the side!!!! YAY!

    It looks really cool Sheebs, very this summer. 🙂

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