I know, I know…

The blog looks whack, I know.  I kind of forgot to save everything as it was before I started fiddling.  My bad.

The good news is that I’m working on such a kiff new design it makes me happy in my special place.

In the meantime, I thought I’d send through a quick update:

  • Went to the coast to see my family (Yay!)
  • Jon has a broken thumb.  Snigger.  It’s his first broken bone ever! If we have kids one day, please pray that they take after his genes and not mine.  Poor little critters otherwise.  Anyway, he’s been very brave about the whole thing and rather proud of his fractured (“IN TWO PLACES!”) little fifth digit that I find myself almost constantly wanting to congratulate him.
  • My brothers got pickled and arrested themselves.  Also, one of them came out of the police van wearing a girl’s hoodie which had been bitten by a dog.  Apparently it smelt “beautiful” and was very “Ayoba!”. At least I know I’ve rubbed off on them in some ways – hey, I run the Ayoba! campaign – I have influenced them.
  • My mom is looking HOT.  She’s a milf.  And she went on a day-time date and the dude said “Oi loik whot I can see, veddy much.  Can I take you to dinner?”. Oh mah gawd.  Plus apparently he wore big, thick, gold chains which I’m sure were veddy mooi.  But jokes aside, I’m all for it if it means my mom will be spoiled and treated a bit and can find some nice companionship in a male.  So they can knit together.  Cos thats all she should be doing at her age, milf or not!
  • I have been in bed sick ALL FREAKING WEEK!  Thanks to my Jew.  Jewish flu is the worst, let me tell you.  I have a constant sore throat, my head is pounding and I have had no choice but to eat chocolates and bread and cheese and maybe even one can of coke to wash it all down, several times.  Hence the reason I am thus blogging instead of weighing in on a Thursday night.  I’m too scared to face the little Irish granny!
  • My cats terrify my housemate’s dog.  It’s too funny to watch.  He sticks his nose through the door and gets all puppy like and wags his tail and the cats crouch down and attach like ninjas.  Three minutes later he’s back for more.  Silly canine.  It has been entertaining though, I must admit.

That’s all I can think of for now.  Anything you’d like to tell me?


  1. cath says:

    1. HOW did Jon fracture his finger?

    2. Your brothers got arrested. By themselves. Awesome. Only your family, dude 😛

    3. Jewish flu. It’s like the cold, but more cutting.

    (HAHHAHAH. Yes, I am here all week :P)

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