I knew you, what happened?

I saw you with the veil over your head

Holding the roses, that looked dead

Your bridesmaids dresses were red

You always said that is what you wanted


We’ve known eachother since three

Your dad once bent me over his knee

As kids we lived up in the house in the tree

I loved you and you loved me


We moved in together a few short years before

But thats where our friendship fell to the floor

You preferred your men

and said we’d be fine again, but when?


Its been years, Ands – I missed you

Now it takes facebook to update me on your life

I was in bed sick with the flu, unaware

on the day you became a wife


Friendship.  You think you know someone, and all of a sudden you realise – you don’t.  I hope she’s happy with her life.  23 years is a long time of memories, especially when you know there won’t be any more time for any more.