I have two new blogs!

I’ve realised that there are at least 4 very different aspects to my blogging interests.  Very often, I don’t have words but I just want to publish something – so I’ve created InstaBee – a tumblog used to feed through my life through an Instagram lense.  Expect photos only.


Sometimes, I have all the words in the world, but it’s about work stuff and not really relevant to the walls of this blog, so I’ve created BusyWorkerBee – a tumblog where I can feature all my work related things, and thoughts on the industry that don’t necessarily qualify for publishing through my Memeburn column.  It’ll be more of a ‘Sheena’s take on social media & the internet news around it’ kinda vibe.

I think it’s time.  I’m tired of never blogging about certain things because I don’t feel the relevance is for you guys.  if these walls could talk v4.0 is a very personal side of me, it’s about my life, love and laughter in between.  It’s about my lifestyle, my adventures and dramas.  It’s about a side of me that I don’t want to taint with work stuff or things that none of you care about.

So there you go – now the choice is yours.  You know where to find me 🙂



  1. Siobhan says:

    I have 3 blogs at the moment:

    But recently I’ve wanted to open a NEW blog about all the things I’ve won/bargain hunted down.
    I’m glad to know that there’s others out there who love blogging and aren’t scared to have more than one blog! It is refreshing!
    That’s all I wanted to say! I’ll defintely be checking out the tumblogs as mine is also a picture blog 🙂

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