I have created a monster…

Back in the day when I met Jon, he was a soft spoken, polite and sweet nice-guy.  He was the listener, the modern day chivalrous gentleman.  In fact, here’s a blog post showing how well spoken and polite he was, even while writing a complaint to Vodacom.  He never expected anything from anyone, only ever assumed the best of people’s intentions and always, always, went out of his way to be polite.  He was so polite, in fact, that when my mother first met him she was convinced I’d chase him away with my street-talk, awesome vocab, swearing relentlessness and let’s not forget, my amazing ability to speak dirtier than most ship-dwelling men.  My friends often asked me when the other shoe was going to drop and show Jon’s true colours, because no one could be that polite and shy, surely?  And I defended him to the end, I did.  “He is that polite!” I said.  “He’s not able to be rude!” I defended.

Not any more.  Oh no.  Somewhere along the line my sweet and passive boyfriend developed a new personality of domineering qualities, high-demand and one hilarious sense of humour.

He tells jokes that make even me blush.  He’s got a filthy mind and has an uncanny ability to make even the most innocent conversations lewd.  It’s awesome.

And to prove my point, I will show you what I mean.  Firstly, let’s look at Jon’s Twitter profile:

Did you get that, blog readers?  Take a closer look:

See that, blog readers?  “Unassuming”, he says.  What a filthy little liar he is.  Take for example this latest Twitter conversation:


And this is what I have to live with people, all day, every day.  What happened to the sweet, well-mannered man I fell in love with?  I think I should send this post to Jon’s mom for revenge 🙂

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  1. Melanie Chisnall says:

    HAHA! I had to laugh reading this. I’m not loud, and I don’t swear often (unless I’m really annoyed), but I do complain. Especially when I’m in a restaurant and I don’t get what I ordered, etc. Geoff used to HATE this. He’s not an introvert as I am, but he’s a lot shyer in this sort of situations. He will never cause a scene. However, after almost 12 years together, I am starting to see another side of him too. The sweet Geoff I fell in love with is still there, but like Jon, he’s full of surprises these days. Glad I’m not alone, lol!

  2. Bergen Larsen says:

    I. Can’t. Believe. I. Missed. That. Twitter. Conversation.

    And it is about time Jon let his bad side out without a few blue juices. I’m glad I put the two of you in a car to Durban.


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