I Got Lucky

by an alien named Reginald.  Srsly. 

Like Cam would say, ‘its beecos I’m feeling a little bit sick’.  In my body.  Not nauseous, not vommy, not sore – just really, really weirdinside. That’s the best way I can describe it to you guys.  Who shotguns Godparents? I think I’ll appoint the AnGlugDemon.  At least I know my little alien baby will get some insanity from Angel, serenity from Glugs & some chutzpa from Demon.  It will be like having me split into three people.  Nice!

Weekend sucked to be honest.  Feeling emo.  Not that enthralled about ‘right now’ and I have my head in the clouds again… never a good sign.

In summary, this is what has been going on with me since Friday:

  1. Most importantly, Flea finally popped!  I have another godchild named Ethan, he is gorgeous and looks like a sprog I’m sure.  I cannot wait to kiss him and love him and hug him and spoil him.
  2. Missed out on going ‘home’ for the weekend because of …well a lot, really.
  3. Weather sucked a lot, I complained a bit
  4. Garden & Home show – lame
  5. Tiff, Anna & me on the veranda after my veranda after the gay boy convention at home… interesting.
  6. I’ve lost inspiration for this post.  I’ll stop now. 


NEW 365u POST UP. 


  1. Amy says:

    I personally will be calling my first born boy Ethan Baird…. so good choice of name there Flea!

    Secondly, i know kind of, sort of, the feeling you’re describing. You jsut feel kind of flat, or weak, or like you’re under a fog?

  2. shebee says:

    Caff – oi. bleh. sckck4t?

    Aims – nice one! errr, no not quite the feeling, that sounds more lethargic than anything, I do glaze over a lot though…

    I dunno!

  3. cathjenkin says:

    Sheen – sckck4t. PLEASE EMPLOY YOUR TEA LADY AT THE SHATH. Grand plan.

    Yes, i think we both have fog. also known as Goff. As in Emo.

    Oh well. *hands over tea and pasta. camfart just for good measure*

  4. angel says:

    lol… do we need to accept our new role officially- or is being informed about it enough?
    i hate that feeling weird thing… there’s nothing you can even take for it!

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