I dedicate…

this song.

For you, who made me cry last Christmas.

For you, who made me a show

For you, who lied in your kiss

For you, who doesn’t know.

For you, who lied again and again

For you, who chose not to be

For you, who caused me pain

For you, who made me doubt me

For you, who I’ll never forgive

For you, who I wish I’d forget

For you, who made me live

For you, who made me wet

For you, who wanted to die

For you, who started a band

For you, who made me lie

For you, who couldn’t take the stand

For all of you, some good and some bad

For all of you, all of you, who made me sad

I dedicate this song for all you did wrong

The only one exempt

Is the one I hold in contempt*

Because you forced me to believe

That my heart would be free

But you’re the one that’s dead.

* I was his first and only facebook friend.  He created the profile the day before he died.  Its sick that I can’t delete him.  I don’t have the courage, that would make every aspect of him gone.  Two years down the line and I remember every word.


  1. cath says:

    to quote a pulp song…

    “im not jesus, but i have the same initials”

    (actually, weirdly, i do, but they’re inverted)

    this comment makes no sense unless you’re miss gates or me.

    love you friend.

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