I can smell the baby


So among other wonderful symptoms of pregnancy, I am convinced I can smell the baby.  I smell different.  Not bad, just different.  I swear I can smell the ‘pregnant’ in me.  Also, my boobs are so sensitive and pointy (TMI sorry), my face is oily, my hair is dull, listless and dry, my skin is dry, I’ve started snoring myself awake at night, I have chest acne and I drool.  All the time.  In great quantities.  I drooled on Jon the other day, all over his shoulder while he gave me a hug.  I drooled over the table yesterday as I leaned over to wipe it down.  Hell, I even fired a little drool ball into Rozz’s face over lunch the other day.


I’m not nauseous, which is great.  I’m not craving cigarette ash or metal forks or anything weird like that.  I do have superhuman sense of smell.  Right now I can smell the butter popcorn being microwaved two floors up from me.  Yesterday I could smell the neighbour’s dog.  I sniffed out mould in the bedroom’s carpet last night.  I knew I could smell mould somewhere. Knew it.  Turns out we have a leaky air-con.

We’ve decided on a girl’s name, it was so easy that after only 3 minutes we both agreed what we wanted.  The boy’s name has been a little more difficult.  Which obviously means it’s gonna be a boy, right?  I don’t mind, that’s my preference anyway.  I think that because the pregnancy is so different this time than the last, I’m almost convinced that only a boy could make me look this awful.  All that testosterone and all that.  I could be right, right?


I have all the questions.  Since I was last pregnant in 2003, it feels like that was in the 1800s and everything has become more modernised and different.  For instance:

  • Avent used to be the bottles of choice, what is it now?
  • Which nappies are the best nappies?
  • Is Nuk the best dummy still?
  • What do you guys do with your kids when moms have to go back from maternity, can I hang it on a hook until 5pm?
  • Should we even listen to everyone’s assvice or just trust our gut and go with our own ideas?

One thing we’ve realised is that we’re pretty much alone*.  Jon’s family is in CT and mine is in Durbs.  We won’t have aunts or uncles or grannies to help us.  We have a Thembi.  It’s a bit of an understatement to say that we’re terrified.  Excited, obviously, but terrified.  And the other day Jon mentioned casually that he’d just go training for a few hours every day to keep his sanity.  A FEW HOURS! EVERY DAY!  I very loudly, fueled with hormones calmly explained that was NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, BUDDY an unlikely probability.

So there you have it.  We are clueless and terrified and probably on our way to driving ourselves to insanity with an influx of assvice and a lot of the unknown.  BUT WE’RE HAVING A REAL LIVE LITTLE HUMAN BABY! OMGSOEXCITING!


*And by alone, I do need to acknowledge our amazing friends Tam, Angel, Tami and Jeannie who have all volunteered themselves for support / wine / babysitting whenever.  Love you guys.



  1. Angel says:

    My knucklehead was born in 1991 and NOTHING is the same anymore. Every time I go shopping for someone’s baby I have my mind blown by the new inventions and devices!
    I think you and Jon will know who you can trust when it comes to assvice, and I know you already trust your gut.
    And if you’re really worried about something – ask our doctor!

  2. Laura says:

    Both my babies were on nuk bottles. Emma was the only one who took a dummy and she uses a no name from baby city – we tried them ALL!

    Huggies are the nappies you want!! They make ones for girls and ones for boys – trust me on this!!!!

    When buying a pram the only thing you must consider is how easy it is to fold and if it fits in your boot!!!

  3. Rob Valentine says:

    Avent used to be the bottles of choice, what is it now?
    – Seems to be Tommee Tippee at the moment because of its… organic shape. Both my kids have taken to them quickly but don’t buy like 20 of them, buy one and try it and see. Won’t be for 3 months or so anyway I’d guess.

    On that, common logic these days is the breastfeed for as long as is humanly possible for the giant benefits but expressing is a bitch so you may want to look into breast pumps – Electric is easier but makes you (reportedly) feel like a cow and is a little hard to hold but is paid for by most medical aids.

    Which nappies are the best nappies?

    It changes every time the wangs change the way they make nappies. Over 2 3/4 years and two kids, Pampers Premium has been the best (but expensive – ~R2 a nappy is a really good price) followed by Pampers Active. Huggies has been mediocre for us but try ’em all. If anyone asks you what to buy for you, the answer is nappies and baby wipes. You’ll use around 10k wipes and 6k nappies.

    Is Nuk the best dummy still?
    Avoid dummies like the plague. They’re a handy helper to start with and then later they’re a bitch to ween the kid off of. But if you have to, the hospitals (and your local moms and babes) has a weird little maternity series of dummies that seem to work pretty well. The outer is quite hard and there’s place for you to put your finger in to hold it in the mouth.


    You don’t really – but prams usually come with a Snug n Safe which is handy for the car. Strollers are just plain things that you dump kids into. I speak under correction but I think you can’t really use them for kids before they’re 3 months old or so.

    With the pram – get whichever one you are most comfortable with and can collapse by yourself (pref. with one hand). If the Snug n Safe has an extra base unit, they’re awesome – especially if your car has ISOFIX (it’ll be on the intertrons if it is) which means it’ll snap in and out quickly and easily with no need for belts.

    What do you guys do with your kids when moms have to go back from maternity, can I hang it on a hook until 5pm?

    Depends how long you’re off for – you mentioned Thembi so if you can, use her. Ask her if she’d be willing to look after the kid but with some provisos:

    1) She needs to go on baby and child first aid courses (paid for by you obv)
    2) She needs to speak exclusively xhosa/zulu/her home language to the kid (do some research on language learning for why)

    Likewise, if one of you is Afrikaans and one English, you need to speak only your home language to the kid for max language ability.

    Should we even listen to everyone’s assvice or just trust our gut and go with our own

    Listen to it and then do whatever the hell you want 🙂 My advice too – in the end, it’s whatever the hell works for you init?

  4. Bridget says:

    Avent used to be the bottles of choice, what is it now?
    The one your baby happily drinks from.

    Which nappies are the best nappies?
    The ones that you get for your baby shower that you don’t need to pay for. (after that whichever ones keeps the poo from going up your baby’s back)

    Is Nuk the best dummy still?
    The best dummy is the one that will keep baby calm.

    Prams are generally when baby is smaller and you can clip the car seat into it. Strollers are for later on when you’re on a shopping spree and baby is now a toddler.

    What do you guys do with your kids when moms have to go back from maternity, can I hang it on a hook until 5pm?
    This is very personal choice. Go with whomever you trust to look after the sprog. In my case i felt more confident having more than 1 person looking after Brandon, because we all have bad days and if there is only 1 person they will take their bad day out on said child.

    Should we even listen to everyone’s assvice or just trust our gut and go with our own ideas?
    Listen to everyone’s advice, and ignore most of it and go with your guts. sometimes there is a gem in all of the advice you will be given.

    and that gem of advice from me. You’re not having a baby, your raising a person. An individual from this very moment who has their own set of likes and dislikes and you have to remember that ultimately they will decide what works for them or not. so be flexible. Like a yogi. but more so.

    so much of excitement 🙂

    are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl or wait in anticipation until you get to hold it and turn to Jon and say “Oh wow, you have a *insert gender here*”

  5. Brigitte says:

    I had Donny in 2000 and quite honestly I cannot remember what bottles or dummies we used – he refused to take a dummy. I was his dummy – lol! And we bought any nappies that were on special haha!!
    So happy for you. ♡

  6. Ankia says:

    1. Babies sometimes prefer different bottles. James was Nuk though & it’s good. As far as I know the dummies are still the best too.
    2. You don’t need a stroller & you’ll use a pram for a short time so don’t take out a second bond for it.
    3. I didn’t want to use a nanny so James went to creche at 4 months. The stimulation is great & in my opinion it’s safer than having a baby at home with a stranger (because unless you’ve known her for many years & are sure you know everything about her, imo she qualifies as a stranger around your baby). Google nanny abuse videos.
    4. Listen to all the advice & then trust your instinct. All babies are different, pards have different opinions & friends & family will all tell you different things. Trust yourself!!

    Hope this helps. Well done on sniffing out the mold, WOW!!

  7. Momma Bear says:

    Don’t stress I will just move in lock stock and barrel. Will probably sleep on the other side of you closest to our darling I know for sure you and Jon will be joyous at this plan of mine. Mwahahahahaaaaa

  8. Hazel Stilianou says:

    Well here is my two cents worth – you know us Mommies think we know it all! I felt so overwhelmed having my second precious 10 years later – so much change 🙂

    Avent used to be the bottles of choice, what is it now?
    I love Avent – just my preference. Micheal seems happy too – though I am bf him, so bottles are only once in a while for now

    Which nappies are the best nappies?
    Pampers, Pampers, Pampers! Best for me for both babas. Assvice – start buying now, I bought about 3 packs every month whilst pregnant, should last me till Micheal is about 7 months. Great thing is that you can swop out sizes if baby outgrows them too fast at Baby Boom (if you have registered for their Boepie Club)

    Is Nuk the best dummy still?
    I am anti dummy – just my preference for various reasons – I am the dummy 🙂

    Prams for babies, strollers for toddlers. Agree with the others advice, test to make sure it is easy to fold up and down!!!

    What do you guys do with your kids when moms have to go back from maternity, can I hang it on a hook until 5pm?
    LOL – I was lucky to have my mom for baby 1. We have decided on a nanny/maid for baby 2 after much debate – suits us better until Micheal is about 2. Individual attention, less germs, can leave him to sleep in the mornings etc….

    Should we even listen to everyone’s assvice or just trust our gut and go with our own ideas?
    I listened to all the assvice, and took out what I thought useful. Though must tell you that hubby told me that I read far too much info on the interweb (blogs, forums, facebook, sites etc…) and that was making me much too paranoid considering none of it was available with Baby 1 and he is pretty awesome for a 10 year old

    Funny story on names – we could not really decide on a name and thought we would leave it until it just happened – well we decided on the day Micheal was born whilst I was in the middle of labour 🙂

  9. Amy says:

    I had super smell when i was pregnant with Tully….it was insane! About a week before i did a test i would swear i coukd smell something odd, or an obvious smell was super strong, and nobody believed me….until i was officially pregnant and then it was like ” ahhh, that explains it! ”
    As far as brands and things like that i say just go with the best you can afford, regardless of which brand is ” best “….the baby doesnt know the difference!

  10. Heidi says:

    When it’s a baby, you can count on me for wine and adult related conversation. Between 3 and 8 when the others have had their turn, I promise I’ll love it to bits, play with it, bake with it and organise elaborate treasure hunts for it. I don’t bite, promise. Xxx

  11. Jenty says:

    Not going to answer the questions, I’m thinking my boys are a little big to give a meaningful current answer 😉

    Anyhoo, that smell thing I remember. Drove Lance batty I’m sure, because I was forever cleaning and moving things around.

  12. Tara says:

    Trust your gut. Always!
    Give a thought to cloth nappies; I have used them since birth (pretty much) and have been super chuffed with them.
    All the best! Xx

  13. Vera Jackson says:

    Trust your gut, your mommy instinct will kick in immediately.

    I would say Tommee Tippee is the way to go however only buy one or two and then try them out before buying the whole range.

    Pampers Premium is great for newborns and then move onto Huggies Gold later on. No point in going cheap on nappies but having to deal with leaks all the time.

    Very personal choice but I took the full amount of maternity leave available. You can still do some work from home if you feel like your brain cells are dying off but chances are you will never have this much uninterrupted time with your child again so take it! For Isabella, I found a nanny through an agency EDUBABE. I wanted to keep her in her own environment at least through her first winter and now I send her to an amazing preschool but only half day. I would say that from 2 onwards they need more stimulation and interaction than what a nanny can offer her. You trust Thembi so I would say that’s a good choice, if she is keen. Just remember that the house won’t be cleaned to the same standard as what it was before she had the added responsibility of Baby K 🙂 I have kept the nanny on as they often get sick so easily at preschool and mom and dad can’t always take the time off. Also if you send them to school from 2 onwards then they have the verbal skills to tell you if something is wrong.

    Hope that helps and best of luck xxx

  14. anonymous says:

    there are these reusable nappies that are made out of bamboo fibre or something, you put in liners and flush those and it works out a lot cheaper than disposable (and not so yuck because of the liner flushing so most of it absorbs in that). I think they are called Fancy Pants, I have a gazillion reproducing friends who swear by them.

  15. MeeA says:

    Looks like most of the other commenters have the advice thing down. Happy to share what’s worked for us, though, if there’s anything else you’d like to ask about down the line.

    So exciting!

  16. Candace says:

    All the gadgets and goodies you do get because retail focuses on that pre-baby hysteria aren’t necessary, and you can buy a full set of Nuk it whatever bottles and dummies but the baby will like what he likes… I bought every Nuk bottle and dummy in preparation and he didn’t like it, tommee tippee worked for him. Go with your gut and the baby will also have his own wants – you don’t need all the gimmicks and gadgets – I had a stroller and a pram and ended up using only the stroller – good luck! Don’t let shopping overwhelm you – it did me – it’s all sales tactics because they know all expecting and already moms want the best thing for their jelly tot! Hugs and exciting vibes!

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