I am the busiest I’ve ever been. Fact.

So all of a sudden, my life has become chaotic.  It went from lah-di-dah’ing on the farm every day, looking at the pretty horses and swearing at the noisy geese or kicking the chickens out of the office, to fuckoffinsane kind of busy, hustling in the city. I’m up before its light, home long after its dark and forgetting to eat breakfast or dinner most days.

Look, I’m not complaining okay.  In fact, I’m loving just about every single minute of my life lately.  So much good.  So much fun.  So much enrichment  and smiles can’t be fair, but you know what? I’ve decided that its my turn to reap the rewards.  Its my turn to smile and laugh and ponder over good days spent.  And its definitely my turn to make others envious and happy for me, its taken me long enough to get out of my funk and i really feel that for the first time in a very long time, I’m alive!

Of course, a big part is definitely attributed to my awesome boyfriend person, but its more than that.  I’m doing what I love, seeing who I love, feeling the love and making plans to make love*. I find that I’m not quite as reclusive as I used to be, okay, a lot less so.  And also, I don’t procrastinate nearly as much.  I’ve always been a nutter, sure, but I’m feeling less like a wrinkly old cashew nut and more like a young, smooth peanut these days.  Yes – I do realise how ridiculous that analogy is.  Forgive me, I’ve had two hours sleep and right now it makes sense.  Cashews are ugly and depressed looking, peanuts aren’t.  They’re young and vi- oh never mind.  I know what I meant, damnit.

I am absolutely LOVING my job.  For those of you on twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been getting up at six (yes, I’m serious.  Six hundred hours, AM.  Sweet baby Jesus in a shopping cart) to leave for work by half past, which means I’m lucky if I get there by nine.  It’s far, yo.  But also – it gives me time to wake up, to sing along to 5fm, to giggle at Gareth Cliff, swear at assholes who drive like, well, assholes and generally just make my way to Jhb CBD. My job entails loads of creativity, initiative and dealing with like-minded people and technology.  It’s so much fun, such hard work and requires more than just half my brain cells – but I can honestly say that I’m happy to be here.  I just wish it wasn’t only a 3 month contract, dude.


My sister gets hitched at the end of October.  With me being bridesmaid, we’re organising the bridal shower.  It’s so much fun and also quite stressful for me since I’m having to fly back and forth to help out with the finalising.  Cam’s wedding dress is absolutely amazing.  With her being a designer, her dress is of course self-made and exquisite.  Our bridesmaid dresses rock too, although not quite designed by MillaRo herself like hers is, but even so – at least they’re not fluffy and meringue-like.

Any ideas for games on the hens night, ladies? I’ve a few in mind, but not nearly outrageous enough.  We will be with the aunties, grans and moms in the afternoon and then taking Cam out on the town later that night after we’ve ditched the old folk.  So PLEASE, help me out here.  What are/were/have been your bridal shower & party experiences?

* hehe.  Sorry, couldn’t resist that.


  1. angel says:

    “scavenger hunt” or “bingo” with a list of things to be found in each other’s handbags- the first group to have everything on he list wins.

    “Hand Bag Game” A nice game to get everyone settled. Start with each person taking 3 items from their handbag and placing them in separate paper bags. They are then given to a nominated person who opens each bag in turn. The rest of the party has to guess who they belong to.

    “Condom Fitter” Put a condom on a cucumber with your mouth and have a prize and a round of applause for the person who can put a condom on in the quickest time only using their mouth.

  2. Po says:

    Yay for you! Your commute sounds hectic, I commute too and I actually enjoy it cos it gives me time to zone out and mentally prepare for the day. I am on a train though, I’m guessing driving is somewhat more stressful!

  3. Amy says:

    You sound absolutely sunshiney 🙂

    Also, i say you make up a list of ” challenges ” to do while your out on the town.
    * Have your photo taken with a bouncer
    * Go for a pee in the mens toilets
    * Get a condom from a random dudes wallet

    Stuff like that. Who ever does it all first wins!

  4. stalker says:

    Hey Babe I would recommend the place at billy’s remember to the one we went to with Kim I can see Cam giggling to the sexy Barman dipping the banana in her mouth and making cocktails in his pants LOL 🙂

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