I am full of theory this morning.

Edited to add, just for KaB – go read this to learn more about my colonial and respectable brothers. Dipshits.

I’ve been wondering… do you think what you are like as a child is an indication for what you will one day turn out to be as an adult?

Some people do believe that, then there are others (not unlike me) who believe that you are your own person and you change all the time, so really, who you were when you were a snotty six year old has no bearing on who you should be today.

But then I went through some childhood things that I used to have up in my room, which made me remember what I was like now and how little I have changed. For a few examples:

  1. Age six, churchyard, Sunday, 1990. Sheena has all the little church goer goodie two shoes up in a tree singing “Lets talk about sex, baby, lets talk about you. and. me”. The Sunday school teacher was mortified, blood red and very very angry. I remember being sent to the Minister and him and I solemnly prayed for my sins and begged the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and savior. Ja. That still hasn’t happened. And then I was expelled from Sunday School. To this day I am not religious…
  2. I had a picture of Leo di Caprio on my bedroom wall (that was there for years, he fuelled my every teenage fantasy when I was learning about my body, until my brothers shot him full of holes with their BB guns through my bedroom window). I still Love blonde blue eyed men.
  3. I once ate an entire tin of Frisco coffee with a teaspoon when I was 8. I still hate the bloody stuff.
  4. At fifteen, I was made to go out with ten boys and my mate Taryn, to a house I had never been to. I was the youngest out of the lot, so the most easily influenced. Or so I said to my Mommy at the time. To cut a long story short, I got hammered and passed out in a flowerbed outside. My mate didn’t even notice I was gone, and only when her parentals were due to pick us up did she realise how drunk I was. So just as every friend would have done, she threw me in an ice cold bath naked. Not. Let me rephrase that, she threw me in an ice cold bath naked, with all the boys in the same room and then left to go outside for a smoke. To this day I don’t know what happened in there but I will never ever allow myself to get that out of control again, because I remember waking up the next day knowing something was wrong, but I couldn’t place my finger on what it was. When the parents finally dropped me off at home, my mother raced downstairs and was convinced I had “smoked drugs” while Kev (My other dad) calmly carried me upstairs and put me in bed. The next day I had to go hiking as punishment on the longest trail known to man kind. Nothing much has changed there, I still win my dad over, my mom still freaks out and panicks, I still hate hiking, and I still don’t talk to Taryn. But one thing it did do, was make me aware of how badly things can go when I am not in control. So to this day, when I occasionally do drink, I never over do it, and I always make sure the people I am with are trustworthy.
  5. When I was younger, my brothers told me that the reason that dude in the bible was able to split so many fish for the hungry people was because they mated with young girls who had freckles. To this day I am petrified of swimming in the sea, and especially scared of fish.

So. There is my theory. What do you think? Do we change who we are as adults, or does our childhood experiences shape us into the people we are today?