I actually don’t know where to start

…so I’ll just go right ahead and tell you my news that has been keeping you all guessing:

But first!  Let me just say something here.  OH my FuckingFuck.  Had the best weekend, EVAR.  With an ‘A’.  My NBF* C@th and I get on like a dog given hornygoatweed tablets with a fire-hydrant.  Mutual leg humpage abounds. 


Then.  Australia has been shelved for right now.  I’ve decided that it just can’t happen for me right now.  My next plan?


I have inherited the most beautiful housemate in the world, who comes completely complimentary with one fully grown almost 3 year old angel named Cameron.  Yes, its true.  I’m awesome, I know.  Not leaving the country. Instead, moving in with Cath and Cam.  Yay.  I’m so excited.  There will be perving out my bedroom window, to a fabulous topless young man who lives in the building across the road.  I have a balcony that looks out onto the sea and the city – night time is ambience personified. 

I am happy.  And excited. And unemployed, please give me a job.  Se.ri.ou.sly.  Come on, I’m good…at stuff.  GIVE ME A JOB!

Monday.  Sigh.  I want to go back to the Cathcam home.

*NewBestFried, you beautiful dumbasses.