Hump Day Madness

A bunch of us threw Cath a surprise birthday bash on Saturday night. She walked in and barely recovered from her heart attacking her & promptly screamed at us and called us all manner of names. I think we should club in to send her to a quack, seriously, there might be a leaky valve problem in her eyes.  Happy Happy for tomorrow my love!

Did anyone else hear the Zimbabwe theme song this morning on east coast radio?  With Bob’s voice and skye news?  Holy hell it made me cry!  I had to go to the bathroom and clean off the racoon look. 

I’ve compiled an itinerary of my morning schedule. I’m still getting used to it myself, but this is what I’ve come up with so far:

06:35 – alarm goes off. “Ah Fuck, I need more sleep” is usually my first thought.

06:40 – alarm goes off again. “Ah Fuck, I need more sleep!” is usually my second, third or forth thought too.

06:45 – out of bed, have a wee, wash my hands, and slap a toothbrush in my mouth. Sometimes I even remember to add the toothpaste.

06:47 – unslam bathroom door and grunt good morning to Cath-Cam. On a good day they might get a nod of the head or on a really good day, they’ll even get a wave.

07:00 – In shower, hating my life, thinking about making coffee, trying not to kill myself with the showerhead or consider jumping off one of our two balconies.

07:15 – after shoving clothes on, slap a lunch together with one hand, while gathering all my shit together in order to leave home by 07:20 latest.

07:35 – halfway to work, sing along to East Coast or bop my head to whatever CD is on random play, smoking all the way down the freeway, dashing in and out of trucks, swearing at the defective traffic lights.

07:50 – hoot at Arnold the boom gate operator who can be found fast asleep in his chair on most days.

07:52 – stroll into office, demand Hot Chocolate from Pretty (with a pretty, pleeeeease and a cherry on top) and sit down to go through emails and blogs while I wait at my desk for the caffeine fix.

During the day I do stuff, work stuff, phone work people, scout new work people, answer work questions, go on lunch (usually to the IT office next door where we gossip about Bloggers and I give him a full run down of who I’ve met, dealt with and gotten to know, or he plays me music videos while I read his FHM) and at 16:00 I do the whole process in reverse until I get home again.


  1. justBcoz says:

    6.35 – 6.45: exactly the same (including all angry thoughts about needing more sleep).
    After that – hells, I must be doing something VERY wrong … sitting down in front of puter only happens at 9.30!
    And I work from home … ??!!

  2. shebee says:

    only in the mornings do i hate my life. From about 9.30 things start looking up.

    I do eat breakfast, once I’m in the office. A bowl of kelloggs, so I can sing that stupid bloody song.

  3. shebee says:

    Guess who got it all this morning?
    Guess who got it all today?
    Guess who got the health way in,
    Guess who got the Kelloggs waaa- aaay!

    I sing it in my head until at least 11am when I am then awake enough to sing it to the IT guy across the hall. He usually throws stuff at me right about then.

    Welcome, Ches.

  4. Mark says:

    Eeuh Pick ‘n Pay….how very Proletariat of you.

    Do you guys also have those Nescafe Cappucino/Hot Chocolate/Soup (all of which, incidentally, come out of the same tube at the end, I have seen them clean the inside while waiting for my fix….ponder the disgustingness of THAT) dispersed through your office?

    We do, and I have, for a long time harboured suspicions they lace the coffee and hot chocolate with low grade crack-cocaine. Because even on the coldest of Joburg mornings, I feel the hot chocolate somehow PULLING me towards work.

    Also, what happened to your 365 You thing? Was I wrong in thinking the 365 implied a post every day? Are you trying to let it die quietly and I’m just making it awkward?

  5. shebee says:

    Mark – Yes, we have those machines. Siff, hey? And I totally get the hot chocolate pull. Pretty, our tea lady, makes it out of magic I’m convinced.

    And the kick up the ass has been firmly noted. What with the new job & my really hectic social life, I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and speculate who has made a big enough impact on me to do another 365U post.

    Awkward? Yeah, kinda. But thanks for noticing, I didn’t think anyone would even care.

    Angelcakes – Guess what? Its Cath’s bday so I have a cupcake for breakfast 🙂 You can come to the next party we have, okay? Hee hee.

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