How to do [modern day] Good Housekeeping

I am SO bummed!  I was supposed to attend a fun launch yesterday of SA’s raddest new magazine, Good Housekeeping.  Put it down to bad timing, confusion and a crisis, I didn’t make it.  But reading about it through the other bloggers, it looks like I missed out big time!  ExMi said I even won a prize, but forfeited it for not being there 🙁

Nevertheless, I got my hands on the launch issue and wow, I’m seriously impressed.  So I thought I’d do a blog post anyway because;

1) I can

2) They deserve it, and

3) I am loving their content, specials and competitions already

So if you’re like me and you make 60’s housewives look like godesses, you’ll appreciate this magazine too.  What I love about it is that Good Housekeeping makes being a working career girl work with being domestic too.  They cover everything from health, fashion and buying tips to career, money and a recipe section that has been tested three times to make sure the recipes are reliable.  THREE TIMES!  That’s Sheena-proof, even!

I also love that it’s not all about “Hey girl, dump yo’ man!” or “How To Give Good Head 101”, and it’s definitely not about showing you fashion that most girls won’t fit into or be able to afford.  For only R24,95 it’s much more bang for your buck than those other horrid magazines out there.

While you’re at it, follow them on Twitter here, and like them on Facebook here.  They’re cool, promise.

I dig it.  I’ll give it a 9/10 for the first issue, so I hope the next few are just as good, because I’ve gone ahead and bought a 12 month subscription online.  PS: For the month of November they’re offering a get 2 for 1 special, so I’m giving my mom a subscription too, for absolutely no cost.  You can do that too, by the way, just click here.  




  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like something i would be interested in – if only i were in SA…
    But… i’m totally in love with Hiedi’s shoes on the cover. You think you could get me a pair Sheena?

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