Holidaze. Tell me about yours. A mini compo :)

I’m super keen for December holidays.  Jon and I are taking a bit of a road trip to see the coast lines and to visit friends and mostly, to show the jew boy how Christmas is shelebrated in my family home.  Wish him luck, my brothers have already joked about roasting a pork and welcoming us with Shalom’s and a promise to spend the entire time with yarmulka skull caps up top their kops the entire holiday.

But this post isn’t about me.  It’s about YOU.  Tell me what your plans are, who you’ll be with, what you’ll be doing.  Winner gets a free kalahari voucher to the value of two hundred and fifty smackeroos.

Cos I love you all.  More than cheese cake.


  1. David Alves says:

    So cool dude…staying in Jozi, always do, and always manage to hook up a house sitting or two, so sitting on my ass while making money is way more appealing than missioning around to tourist trails —> no offense! When all the crazies go away from Jozi it’s the way it should b…quiet, less cluttered, open roads and relaxed…I like it! (Shrugs)

    • Shebee says:

      Dave I love that, sounds very cool. I’m gonna show Jon the joys of being in Margate over December. He doesn’t believe me that you Vaalies really *do* peroxide your hair and wear a bright red skin burn for the duration of the holiday.

      CC – alone babe? No man, how sad. What about xmas day? Where do you wanna go in July?

      Elle – you’ve just reminded me that I need to put up a christmas tree 🙂

      Megan & Cath – lol. You two and your relationshits. *sniff*

      Boobah – woo! See on the coast!

      Angel – who’s Demon staying with while you’re gone, your momsdad?

  2. CC says:

    Awww I love road trips 🙂 provided the other person is doing the driving.

    I have no plans really, working until the 24th (yep on Xmas eve) and returning 6 January, so not much of a break, but really looking forward to sleeping in a bit and just relaxing alot. My main plan is to float around my pool on a lilo reading. Can’t do much because I have to stay home and look after our puppy as the rest of my family is going away.
    So to answer your questions, not much planned; all alone except for my dogs; doing next to nothing 😛

    Noooooooo plans – boring!!! 🙂 that’s me 😛 lol planning an “awesome” holiday for middle of the year to make up for it.

  3. Elle says:

    aww Bee you’re the bestest… and since im a kalahari whore I think you should give me that voucher nowness…
    as for the holidays I am doing the whole traditional family thing at home. we will all put the tree 12 days before christmas and all that jazz…

  4. MeganTS says:

    i’m only going away for new year. to dundee. for those of you that don’t know, dundee is roughly the size of my living room. total population: 7 (including the town mascot donkey).

    i’m not sure that they have traffic lights yet.

    But this is the price one pays for getting engaged… one has to meet the family in law (and their donkey)

    So we’ll be partying away in the booming metropolis of Dundee and staying there for a couple of days so i can bond with my soon to be mother -in-law. granny-in law, aunties and uncles-in laws and various cousins-in laws.

    and the donkey. but not in THAT way.

  5. cath says:

    Okay, so, dudette…

    I’ve just been asked what I’m doing for New Years.

    Stop swooning. 😛

    Anyway, this holidaze I am taking a true break. A real one. As in, turning off and putting away my computah and I’m going to:

    1. springclean my house (lol. shuttup Sheena. you know how good its going to make me feel)
    2. Let Cam stay up late and sleep in late
    3. spend more time in the garden than gnomes would
    4. get some sunshine, laugh a lot, drink wine during the day
    5. have a gigantic amount of time with my nieces and play more than Barney ever recommended.
    6. And the last one, the 6th, is the one I didn’t expect…
    I’m going to wake up next to someone who adores me.

    And even tells me so.


  6. boobahsmom says:

    We (that we being The Dad, Boobah and I) will be true Valies this year, and head off to the South Coast just after Christmas to early January, to catch some rays, make sand castles, run away from the waves, celebrate the coming of the New Year and New Beginnings with pink bubbly wine (Pink being the bestest color in the whole wide world) and eat toasted chicken mayo sandwiches from the cafe shop on Uvongo beach.

    We will be doing this with Boobah’s much beloved BFF and his mommy, my BFF and my cousin who’s flying in from the UK whom I haven’t seen for the WHOLE year and miss terribly….

    We won’t be sleeping late though, as I would like to instill into Boobah the fabulousness that is waking up before the sun rises, going to the beach, and watching the sunrise from there…

    It’s going to be AWESOME!!

  7. Angel says:

    Cool! I have very fond memories of our family road trip to see the mooowntin last year…
    This year, Christmas is with our families. Christmas Eve with my Glugs’ folks as they don’t really go big for Christmas. Christmas Day we’re with my parents and some of my siblings- building Dagwood sandwhiches as per a longstanding family “pay day treat” tradition! The kids’ll be there too, so we’ll do the handing out pf gifts and eating too much.
    I do love Christmas so…
    Then on Boxing Day, my Glugster and I are flying to Oz to see my BBF in Cooma- South of Canberra! We’ll be there for almost 2 weeks and we’re going to do a whole bundle of sight-seeing and such. I’ll be there for my birthday and we’ll be doing New Year’s there somewhere too…
    I am SO very excited about it!!

  8. Guy McLaren says:

    I am going to Remainia, where I will be doing as little as possible, Admittedly I will be one of those sad bastards who will be saying hi on Twitter and facebook.

    I was thinking about applying to Steele and Getmore for a new job, because that way maybe we can survive those beastly clients that are going to exotic destinations like Mozambique and Ethikwene with my money.

  9. BiancaW says:

    Well, what I thought was gonna be a seriously low key break, has turned into a bit of a crazy one. We are heading to Greytown (much like Dundee – slightly large population though. Like, maybe 10! And I have never seen a donkey there – only cows. And some goats.)

    Then we are going straight down the South Coast to Bazley for a few days. Back in Durbs for the Festive Cheer and then up to the Drakensburg in early Jan – for some MAJOR chill out time. LOVING IT!

    BUT! Howz this??

    Got into work this morning and found a “scroll” and scented candle on my desk. Hmmm, strange. My bosses (2 women) have organised a day at “The Spa at The Oyster Box” for us! HULLO!!!!! A day! At the Spa! For, like, massages and stuff. Uh, I can like it very much!!!! 🙂

    Hope your road trip is awesome!

  10. Shebee says:

    Oh mein got, Bianca that is so frikking cool! I could do with a spa day.

    < subtle hint >OI JON, I COULD DO WITH A SPA DAY! < / end subtle hint >


  11. CC says:

    Yeah Sheebee, I’ll be all alone 🙂 looking forward to it! my family only leaves on the 26th so I have a day of holiday with them 🙂

    I’m going to go to Germany in June/July and will celebrate my 30th birthday there, will go for almost 4 weeks so that’ll be nice 🙂 but now I’ve just had an idea to go to Shanghai for a week and then from there fly to Germany, will see! I have to do China sometime….eat some dog and snake…buy a suitcase full of Hello Kitty products for R10….

  12. T_Can says:

    So….. Let’s see – holiday starts next week. Going away on Friday after work to a friend’s game farm for the weekend.

    From there driving to Durbs to spend kerfees with my sis and all my nieces and nephews – can’t wait to be the ‘cool’ aunt.

    Then it’s off to Cape Town for New Years with a whole posse of my girls. Can you say crazy week? Hot boys you are warned…

  13. Amy says:

    Clearly i’m not eligible for the prize being as i am not in SA, however….

    I’ll be staying home in DubVegas – breakfast and exchange of gifts with my fiance in the morning, a quick trip to my brothers graveside to pay my respects, lunch and more presents and my parentals with the rest of the family and then the annual Xmas Day nap.
    This will be followed by dinner, again at my mum and dads, and the rest of the time will be spent by me trying NOT to go into labour 2 and half weeks early. Who wants to be stuck in hospital at Xmas?

  14. Po says:

    I am spending Christmas in the UK with my fandamily and then flying over to South Africa, oh my god I cannot wait, it’s been nearly two years. I will bask in the heat and swim in the awesome Indian ocean, and do lots of climbing (haha unpleasant to some I know) and eat lots of sushi and drive across the country and chill in the Free State and go South to the Mountain and eat more sushi and climb more rocks and see the sea. And read lots of books from Kalahari all the while 😉

  15. flarkus says:

    Shipped mah fam off to the other fam up in Nam.
    Starting mah vac one week ‘fore Christmas is whack!
    But I’m illing for 2 weeks of nutting but chillin’.
    Reading my scifi and fantasy books,
    Playing in da kitchen like we be da cooks,
    Yo yo yo, we mixin’ up some very merry trifle,
    Dat’s way ‘eavy on da sherry.
    It’s gonna be like, ho ho ho, fo sho, bro

    P E A C E!

  16. Cassey says:

    We’re going to Cape Town, flat-goldfish-and-garden-sitting for friends, while we visit with family and friends. There will be many braais and game days 🙂

  17. Angel says:

    Believe it or not… I’m leaving the knucklehead home alone to house-sit and look after the cats!
    I’m shitting myself… but he is determined.

  18. Patsy says:

    I am going on a road trip with 2 of my best friends, whooo hooo and then I will going to the coast in Jan to see my family and my other family – your mom 🙂

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