Here’s to doppelgangsters, family love, friends and the end of a very shitty year!

Life: look at it over your glasses and say:  BRING. IT. ON.

Life: look at it over your glasses and say: BRING IT ON, BITCH.

Oh hi, remember me?  The girl who had a rough year?  Yeah, thats all over now.  I’m officially ignoring the last few days of the year because I’ve decided two double oh nine is going to be *my* year.  MINE.  For me.

SO.. until then, I’m doing a bit of a road trip to visit old friends and … some other person I won’t discuss here.  Yay!  Looking forward to it.  Those of you who know where I’m going have my digits so call me okay?  I might be able to squeeeeeeze you in.  Maybe.  If you have good music and some jingle bones, Its going to be a week of debauchery though, I warn you.

Ah man.  I wish I could tell you whats been happening with me lately.  Karma is a bitch, yo – she confuses me.  Some baaaaad shit happens and then all of a sardine BAM!  HERE’S SOME GOOD!  Happy happy girl, me.

There’s no news on my car sadly, I didn’t really expect there to be.  But I still kinda hoped.  Even if only to shut my housemates cracking jokes about being renamed Carlos, joining the Ten Toe Club, taking it all Step-by-step etc.

Hey!  I met ExMi!  She’s awesome!  But shame, her 3g card was nicked, so she will probably be offline for a while.  I could totally use this as the opportunity to dish out the dirt on her like that one time she told me she… okay, I won’t.  She’s awesome though.  And her kid and I hit it off like a ton of bricks in a shit house.  What an awesome little dude.  I totally stole a christmas decoration ball thingie from The Pavillion for him to play with.  I’m still covered in glitter though, three showers later.

Anyways.  I don’t see myself posting again this year.  Stay safe, use condoms, call your Mommy and tell her you love her and don’t forget to leave some ganja for Santa on xmas eve – he’ll need some chilling out okay?

Thanks for everything guys.  You’re awesome.  Don’t forget that I would not be here typing this random crap out if it weren’t for my awesome readers.  You guys seriously helped me get through this horrid year.  And if all goes well, my next post might have a nice ending to 2008.  Hold thumbs for me and I’ll tell you why later.

Oh, and YOU in the back?  Put that down!

Ps:  I found two things out about God!

  1. She’s
  2. Black.


  1. Po says:

    Shebee, no worries, explosives are all set up, 2008 will be up in flames soon 🙂

    Have a fantabulous crhistmas and new year

  2. Shebee says:

    Jen, thanks babe! Have a merry merry one.

    Po darlin, it better be! Be safe hey. Don’t blow up a lab or anything before I get back to read about it.

  3. Amy says:

    Merry Tristmas my love! 2008 had its rough patches for me too so i say bring on 2009…. plus its my birthday soon, so bring that shit on too!

  4. Stew says:

    Hey, years variously suck and don’t. The car most assuredly puts it in a shitty light.

    But take heart, your picture is SMOKIN’. At least you’re not butt ugly.

    (slayer of the Zombie horde and inventor of bacon)

  5. ExMi says:

    you’re wrong.

    I. Am. God.

    and i’m not black. therefore god is not black.

    ps. i think my kid was smitten the second you gave him something sparkly.

  6. Mike Larry says:

    Carlos its been a kak year for many, but 2009 looks promising. Never forget cars come and go but rollerskates last forever ;P. Have an awesomeness of a NYE.

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