Hello there, you’re looking so saxy!

Well hi!  My name is Sheena.  I’m, like, totally in the dog box, aren’t I?  Sigh.  I’m really sorry, reader base of two.

Oh, is there only one of you now?  I’m sorry Pats.

Anyway! What’s been going awwwn, blog?  Feels like it’s been forever!

Jon and I are good.  Really good.  I like him, he can stay.

I went to Durbs for a day and a half last week.  For a court case.  What an unfortunate reason, but I’m so glad I went.  Got to spend total quality time with my mom and made up for all the tension we had in December.  She’s so special, my mom.  I really am quite fond of her.  I also spent waaaaay more money on stylish shoes than I should have, I got a full 6 pairs of brand new spanking shoes.  [Speaking of stylish shoes…] Two of the six pairs I bought are purple, that’s how awesome I am right now.  So as much as I love living in Joburg, the fongkong shops in my home town are much better, and the guys behind the counter are totally not cared how much money you’re spending either, they have a ‘fuck off’ expression no matter who you are, or how much plastic you’re waving around at the till.  Ah, KZN, my gorgeous little province…

I fly to Cape Town in two weeks, I’ve been asked to lecture the Cape Peninsula University of Tech on the culture of blogging.  Hilarious since this blog post is my way of trying to sheepishly sneak back into the world of blogging without my absence thereof being noticed.  Haaaai!

What’s also hilarious is the fact that I, a drop out kid who didn’t finish high school, am lecturing tertiary students.  Haaa haaa haaa, bitches.  Not bad, me, not bad at all.  Especially since I’ve been out of school for 11 years [Holy crap!  ELEVEN YEARS?!  WHAT THE HELL!] and only some of my brainz have fallen out.

Okay, that’s it for me, I gotta finish a report that was due an hour ago.  Love you all, please update me on how you are doing since I haven’t managed to read any blogs lately?  I’ll be around soon, promise!



  1. Amy says:

    Did you buy me any shoes? Oh, and update:
    * Work is the sam as ever
    * Flynn can now walk
    * Preparations continue for my wedding
    * I’ve lost 7.1kg in 8 weeks
    * My best friend no longer talks to me
    * Perhaps you wana shout me a trip to SA for my honeymoon?

  2. Sven Magoo brother of Vlad the Impaler Obama admirer and Mr. Garrison's asscrack says:


    So lame.

    You are just copying me. I disappeared largely from teh intarwebs over two yearn ago and still nobody has noticed.

    I’m still reading shebee-like stuff for the occasional tribute to bacon and the apparently rare onerous zombie penning opportunity.

    Still, bacon…

    Glad you’ve found happiness. May I also suggest Cheeze-wiz? It is true that Cheeze Wiz makes everything better.

    Right on. Word.

    Mr. Magoo

    *It is not true

  3. tara says:

    Yay, massive Sheen update. Glad to see you’re all good and got to hang with your ma a little.

    I wanna see notes of this lecture, knowing you it will be hiLARious 😉


  4. flarkus says:

    Sod that… get the lecture recorded on video and put that sucker on Youtube! Gwan, y’know you wanna.. Just do it already!

  5. Gina says:

    LOL, gave me biiiig antibiotics 🙂

    I asked my dr if having swine flu meant I was non-kosher… he wasnt impressed 🙂

  6. Angel says:

    I am stunned speechless that there’s even an update from you…
    All good here! So glad things with your mom are good.
    Miss you.

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