Hello hi, have you met my spots?

This horrible thing happens to me when I’m stressed.  I break out in spots on my face, and then I pick and scratch at them while pondering thoughts.

It’s a bit of a horrible cycle.

But right now, I’m seriously stressed out.  I’m one person, with only half a brain, and things are happening so fast at work, I feel like I need to be cloned at least twice.


Here.  Look.  I’m not lying.

The other night I was so stressed that I simultaneously woke Jon up at two AM to unfreeze a powerpoint I’d been working on for six hours without saving, paced the lounge, drank 3 litres of water, and tried not to cry when he told me he couldn’t salvage my work.  I didn’t sleep that night.

My life is a roller coaster right now, how’s yours?


  1. BiancaW says:

    Spots suck! Sorry man. Hope things calm down soon. I hate that “out of control, going to pass out from adrenalin” feeling that being way too busy brings.

  2. cassey says:

    I hope you get the clone, or a little less stressed. If you have a facial then someone else picks the spots, kinda gross, but then you’re not picking them :0

  3. Getting_by says:

    So if you send me your postal address, I’ll send you something to help with the spots (lstephenson at za dot loreal dot com) I cannot help with time, but with spots I can help.

    Hope things get more bearable soon!

  4. Tanya says:

    ugh, i’m also a compulsive picker… its so gross, but you just cant stop!
    I’ve found this awesome range, and they have something for “problem skin” which i am TOTALLY addicted to!
    it’s called Lavender & Myrrh Healing Facial Oil by the Victorian Garden. Oil on pimples, i know, gross, right!
    it toally soothes that nasty itchy red skin and clears up the “sores” made by picking. obviously its oily, and shiny… so you can;t use it in the morning before work 😉

    check out their (really nasty dodgy) site http://www.thevictoriangarden.co.za/Sufferers_pop-up.htm (this is the page with that oil on)… i recommend all their products tho

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