Hell hath no fury like a woman furious with her wayward bloody animals!

Chatting away on the phone, poor Conan gets to hear me screaming at my dogs once I get to my gate, as they are running all over the bloody neighborhood and barking at other animals who will be murdered by mine, death by chokage of small dog in throatage, that is.

Finally grouping them all up (neighbour Jeremy & Fleas’s dogs included) I close the gate and wrestle small wet canines out of my just washed car, so that I may drive up to my little abode.
Enter moment when Sheena has complete Bitchfit.

I am not even going to explain this, I’m still too bloody angry. Have a look at the photographic evidence:

This was once my poor, healthy pot plant. It was alot fuller. Sob!

What was once my neat little bookshelf. See evidence of mongrel running away with tail between her short stupid legs. As I type this she is munching on my new Michael Buble CD. I’d take a photo of that too if I wasn’t already online and using phone connection. Plus, its seen better days than today already, so why bother?

This one is my fault I suppose, for leaving the mail on my new leather couch (TM)*
This is me, being wet, due to the downpour of this weird see through liquid out of the sky. I think it might be toxic. Or rain, whatever. Please excuse cleavage, I couldn’t be phased to crop photo’s right now.
Shit I am angry. And meant to be going out (due ten minutes ago) but I can’t leave until this is cleaned. I’ll just come home to a bigger mess.
Later, aligaters
*no the novelty of having pure sweet luxurious leather in my lounge has still not worn off.