head heart war…

I have a war permanently going on inside me. I think I’ll call it The Great Battle of Sheenshead VS. Heartingville. Its ongoing and downright friggin exhausting I tell you!

Some people I know have no confidence in making decions for themselves. Then you get me. I come along and The Great Battle of Sheenshead VS. heartingville wont allow me to make a decision amongst myself!

No matter how big or small the situation is, true as bob made little green apples, there will be a fight.

Going on a date

Head: Yeah, I think we should skip this oke. He looks dodge.

Heart: Aww maybe the little fucker could be my soul mate – you never know, you know.

Head: WTF?! You are such a loser. He doesn’t even close his mouth when he chews!

Getting Dressed for work knowing there will be a video call at some point

Head: Wear something respectable so you look like you earned your position.

Heart: Aw, but if i wear my skimpy pink shirt, the old ballies will love the cleavage, and I will get a better commission.

Its getting worse tho:

Somebodyspecial doesn’t call or text when he said he would

Head: read a book, don’t even think of him

Heart: But he said he would call! Maybe something bad has happened!

Head: Yeah, like him falling into someone else’s company. Cos you know, it could happen. Accidents occur all the time.

Heart: ACCIDENT?!!! Oh god you dont think he’s crashed his car do you?


Heart: Maybe I should call him, just to see if he’s ok?

Head: Maybe you should build a bridge and get over it. Its late, he’s not gonna call.

Head: Yawn, I hope he does, because he did say he would…

**Incidentally, he never did call**

(Head: asshole. He sucks. Heart: No, he does not! He probably got caught up at work or something. He makes me smile and laugh and I love his company. He is awesome. Don’t say that you cold errrrr…hearted biatch!)

***He did send a text the minute he first got the chance. His phone died and he had no charger***

(Head: Hmmmm okaaaay, fine, he’s off the hook. This time. Heart: Sigh…. He’s so awesome!)

Does this ever happen to you guys? Seriously? Be honest here… I feel like a schitzo!!!