Have I told you about Thembi?

She’s Gloria‘s replacement.  She’s young, stylish and way cooler than I am.  And she has the best sense of humour and loads of attitude.

When Thembi first came on board, she drew up a list of things she needed in order to “perform at the best ability”:

  • Mixed fruit jam
  • Real Handy-Andy, “not this Woolies pretend Handy-Andy”
  • Chicken polony
  • Tile cleaner (always with the tile cleaner, it’s on at least one list a month.  And we only have our two very small bathrooms tiled at home!)
  • Some house shoes, hers are getting ruined apparently
  • A better vacuum cleaner

A new vacuum cleaner?  Huh?  A quick chat needed to take place & did, right before I went to work one morning.

Sheena: But Thembs, the vacuum cleaner is fine, we only bought it a year ago.  Doesn’t it work?

Thembi: Yes, it’s pink.

Sheena: But it works, right?  And what’s wrong with pink?

Thembi: But it’s not a vax, vax vacuum cleaners are orange and they are better.  Felicity told me.

And then it all made sense.  I see what’s happening here.  Thembs has made friends with the other domestic ladies in our complex.  They’re all teaching her to be better (she’s a first timer, see?) and now she believes that their word is law.  Next thing Thembi’s mates are going to want is this vacuum cleaner made of gold.

Anyway.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Because I saw this random but awesome Youtube video and it reminded me of vacuums.  Watch it yourself here, it’ll make you happy in your special place:

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    • Shebee says:

      That she even turns her nose up at Woolies products?! I have never. Remember the days where we dreamed of buying our domestic items at Woolies? Hahahahaa. So funny 😛

  1. Nick says:

    She has a point about those pretend Woolies products. Like their pretend cola etc.

    I need a new vacuum too! Saw a pretty good one at PnP for about R430, but now I’m wondering if I should heed the pro’s advice.

  2. bevmerriman says:

    I have to take Thembi’s side! When I became the operator of the vacuum cleaner in our house I quickly gave up on the pink vacuum cleaner. But, you have to tell Thembi she has it all wrong – it’s the yellow (Karcher) ones that are best. The hubby said something about German engineering…

  3. Cat@jugglingactoflife says:

    Thembi sounds uber cool and I have to agree about the pretned Handy Andy. It’s useless and you use double the amount – just like with pretned Sunlight Liquid.

    And love the baba

  4. Jeanette says:

    There are vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners, and have to agree…. with that and the real Handy Andy vs the WW version.
    LOVE the video!

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