Have I told you about my brother yet?

It’s only my brother who can get shot in the head twice, through the brain, through the jaw, through the chin, through the chest, through a lung, and still comfort us when we’re frantic at his bedside while he’s fighting for his life in ICU.

It’s only him who can make me, the girl who never cries, sob like a baby when he tells me that while lying on the ground after said shooting, his lungs collapsing and his chest cavity filling with blood so fast that it took every ounce of strength in him to just breathe, that he almost gave up.  Until he saw each and every one of our faces in his mind and knew that he couldn’t.

It’s only Brandon who could teach himself to walk again after being paralysed completely on the right hand side of his body within a two month period.  He started driving a month after that.  And before he could do all of this? He wheeled himself into a dealership and bought a bloody quad bike.  “For when I’m not a cripple anymore” he told me as I blocked out my mothers frantic screaming from the kitchen.

It’s only Baboo that could force himself to do so much more, push himself so much harder, teach himself things like eating by himself and walking and even how to make a cup of coffee, and still have the strength to squeeze my hand when I’m not looking and tell me he loves me.

He’s still booked off work until his fine motor skills are up to scratch (he battles with small things like his reflexes which could be super dangerous for his line of work) and he’s still doing physio daily, swimming every alternate day and riding his quad bike of monstrocity whenever he can with his friends and our brothers.  He’s dealing.  He’s healing.  He’s getting over it and impressing me more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined.

It’s only my brother who can stand proud, four months to the day after being nearly killed, and pull faces in photos with me like he has done for the last 23 years.


From this:

brand then

To this:

brand now

In four months.

I’m so proud and so full of immense sibling love for this boy.


Robocop – bounces off bullets.

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  1. NK says:

    wow, ur brother has endurance! thats amazing.
    just stumbled across your blog… love it 🙂

    im also from SA, so im really loving the Afrikaans!

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