Giveaway: Shame movie tickets!


<<This giveaway is for JHB locals only>>

I’m handing out 5 double movie tickets between here and my Twitter feed to Numetro in Hyde Park this Wednesday night at 7:30 only, to see the movie Shame.

It looks so good.  Naked, full on torso and boobage viewing, but good.  Michael Fassbender is awesome and is fast becoming one of my favourite actors.

To win, all you need to is tell me a little bit about why you want the tickets, as well as name two other actors in the movie.

Annnnnnnd, Go!



  1. Winners will be announced on Twitter, and in the comments section of this post, this Wednesday 9th May at 11:30am
  2. Winners must arrive at Hyde Park Numetro by 19:30 on Wednesday to receive their tickets by name
  3. Travel is your own baby.  Don’t drink & fly afterwards either
  4. Any popcorn throwing inside the cinema gets you a slap upside the head


  1. Kirsty says:

    You should give them to me because i need inspiration for more comics… and this Movie is rated 18 LNS 😉 Hahahaha!!

    Other Actors would be > Carey Mulligan , James Badge Dale, Nicole Béharie – Must credit Nu Metro website for this, and also the inventor of copy and paste.



  2. Cheryl says:

    You cant not give me the tickets, it’s about sexual addiction! I really need to watch a movie about sexual addiction

    okay that makes me sound creepy… And moving on…

    Other pretty people who star in the movie:
    Mari-Ange Ramirez
    Elizabeth Masucci
    Loren Omer

  3. Tumi Malatsi says:

    I so have to see this movie cos 1) I dig free ish, 2) I’m taking my fake BF to the movies (we’re both cheap dates…win) and 3) Carey Mulligan and James Badge Dale dammit! Whoop whoop!

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