Girls don’t fart.

Growing up with four brothers, I was subjected to burping and farting in the extreme.  It’s not something I appreciate, by any means, but with four brothers who are all taller and bigger and stronger than you, who will sit on your head if you so much as bat an eyelid at their bodily expressions, whaddayagonnado?

Of course, I have never farted in my life ever, so I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about but the boys always seemed to look incredibly proud of themselves and often slapped each other on the back in between air high-fives, so I suppose there must be something to it.  If you’re a guy.

If you’re a girl, it is unacceptable.  Except, evidently, for Tracy-Lee here:




*wipes tears*

Yes I know, I’m going to hell.  It’s fine, my friends, we’ll all carpool.


  1. Tara says:

    I seriously felt bad for laughing though dude but I just couldn’t help it. Terrible terrible terrible. And I loves it.

  2. MeeA says:

    OMG shame.
    Reminds me a little bit of that time I farted in front of the insurance assessor who came to my house after we were burgled last year… My excuse was that I was heavily pregnant & therefore naturally gassy, plus holding a large & heavy infant in my arms – all that pressure & it couldn’t be helped. He was a total doos about it & I was mortified!

  3. Tracy Todd says:

    This is why I love reality TV. We can all relate to this poor girl. She is a terrible singer but I would give anything to have her self belief.

    As for the farting… she is simply real and human. I’d give anything to be able to push out a fart when the need arises. I should have done it more when I was able-bodied. Now, I have to rely on somebody else to help me with this simple human basic need. Life can be crap sometimes for all of us!

    My advice to all boys and girls, irrespective of age, fart when ever you like just because you can. You never know when that privilege will be taken away from you.

  4. Craig says:

    It was her attempt at walking in high heel shoes that set me off – the fart and bad singing were just a bonus! 😀

  5. Biite Me says:

    Oh man. Poor girl. Nearly died laughing & felt sooo guilty while doing it. She also slipped twice in her high heels and the top of her dress was meant to hold her boobies! Gareth Cliff said to her ‘it’s ok, we all fart when we’re nervous’, but she didn’t seem to notice. Loving your blog, lady. Very funny.

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