Ginger ninja / Fanta Head / Carrot Top – it’s all part of my ‘new look’

Friday night, my mother tags along to 3rd Avenue, my local pub hang out when I go home to my family.  Aside from my brother being the barman there, I have a lot of history with the place.  I saw it being renovated by my dad, I helped the chef do up the original menu, I ran the place a bit with a mate of mine and I got pickled there plenty!

Anyway, as mentioned in a few previous posts, I was rather inebriated on Friday night and was a bit on form.  Top form, if I may say so.  Unfortunately, so was my mother.  In the group there happened to be two rather good looking men.  Poor fuckers, they never stood a chance.  I happened to mention to my mother that the one was a Chiropractor.  I then told her to not say anything as he was rather dashing and I used to have a crush on him a few years ago.  The less attention brought to myself the better.

“Excuse me, young good looker, are you a chiropractor?” was of course the very next thing out of her mouth.  Directed to said Chiropractor.  Loudly.  “Have you met my daughter Sheena, she’s very fertile” was the next.  The dude blinked a lot, his mouth was wide open and of course I just sat there pretending to be the picture on the wall behind me.

Tazz was sitting next to me.  She hadn’t been exposed to my mother in years and was loving this more and more every second.  The evening pressed on and I eventually sent my mother to the Old People’s Corner, she wasn’t impressed.  I caught her waving to my friend Harry and silently motioning for him to call her.  I nearly died.  He even had to walk her to the car when we left.  Only my mom.

Anyway, the point of this was to introduce to you my red hair, I just didn’t know how so I thought I’d share with you the above story of my mom, who happened to dye my hair for me.  There you go, I made the connection.  My best friend Brend, who can be very crude sometimes, tells me that I look like I haven’t had the fire fucked out of me.  Tell me what you think:


  1. SwissTwist says:

    🙂 love the hair!!

    Your mom and mine could be sisters!! (mind you, mine has 9, she could be one of them!) She’s done similar things to me.. even going out and looking way way hotter than me – think tight leather trousers and high heels and then me all frumpy and not wanting to be noticed.. sigh.. What would life be without our wonderful, interesting and totally embarresing mums!

  2. Shebee says:

    Hehe, no, the poor dude was so embarrassed for me. He eventually turned his back on us and hid in the corner.

    I’ve just realised that these photo’s were taken the next day, whilst hung over. Excuse the puffy eyes 🙁

  3. Andre says:

    Y’know how some ppl get in front of a camera? Giggling, laughing their heads off, deer in the head-lights, gibbering monkey, forced grin, offering their “best side” ?

    Nothing like that.

    You look chillax’d, confident, and the little half-smile works.
    Calm. “Don’t sweat, dude, I know what I’m doing here.”
    Like that.

  4. Andre says:

    Uh. Yup. That would be the “trying not to smirk, but still look kinda happy” with the optional “turn head slightly away, and then rotate eyes back” look.
    The one above here, is, oh, about a thousand times nicer…. :))

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