Getting shit done.

This weekend was definitely a Getting Shit Done weekend, I’m quite proud.  Jon woke me up early on Saturday morning to put clothes on so that the painters could start doing their thing.  I’m so stoked about the new colours of his house.  We chose a very charcoal grey accent to contrast to a lighter more subtle grey for the common rooms.  The furniture in there is all very black and the curtains we chose are a very stylish and elegant silver/chrome organza with lining.


The main bedroom is an indigo blue with accidental lighter accent.  I’m still a bit pissed about that, I chose a darker blue for the accent wall and cornicing and only realised this morning while I was having a wee that the painter dudes fucked up.  Jon loves it as is and won’t let me tell them to fix it though.  Sigh.  It doesn’t look bad, but it’s not the way I envisioned it, so whatever. I’ll just sit here and sulk in silence.  After I’ve blogged about it obviously.


The great news?  The spare room colours I chose were a very light red with a much darker, wine red accent.  I convinced Jon to have the wall behind the bed be painted the dark red.  Except that once on the walls, everything has come out PINK!  Can you believe my delight accident? Look, it really wasn’t planned, but it really has to go down in history as one of my greater mistakes, because this room colour kicks ass!  I absolutely love the femininity of it, and Jon has admitted that it’s not too bad either.  Win, win, right? Right.


Jon’s favourite colour is orange, and if I hadn’t argued and offered certain kinds of favours and smiled and battered my eyelashes a lot, the entire house would be this colour.  Plus the linen and accessories and probably every clothing item he owned too.  So after long discussions, we agreed that instead of the bedrooms, lounge, kitchen or study – he could have the fucking orange in the bathrooms.  This is the result:


I also managed to get my eyes sorted out (finally!) and have ordered a funky pair of red frames of awesomeness.  So not only will I be able to see further than my nose soon, but I will look more awesome doing it!  Amy has been telling me for years I need to upgrade my specs, and after almost five years, I’m finally doing it.

Then, on the car front, I had the eco system that was growing inside my little silver bullet cleaned out.  It’s like a brand new Peugeot and now that all the dirt, dust, ash and rubbish has been cleaned out, it finally looks like a 206 GTI again.  All sporty and shiny and glittery and sexy.  Nice.

All that’s left on my list of things to do:

  • sort out license
  • find curtains of awesome for main bedrooms
  • evaluate car at dealership so i can put it in my name
  • have haircut again (my hair grows like weeds – and the split ends now have split ends who invites some of their friends with split ends to join the party too)

I’m such an adult, look at me!  I even have medical aid now, dudes.  Honestly.  Someone should just hand me a knitting needle and request some baby booties or something, I am that responsible.


  1. Amy says:

    The rooms look great – and so jealous that you guys got professionals to do it when i had to paint my duplex myself ( and when i was pregnant mind you ).
    Also, very curious to see the new red specs – and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Angel says:

    Erm… you may need two knitting needles…
    I’m impressed, and all the painting and stuff thats going on all over the place I want to do something to my house too now!!

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