Gareth Cliff on Everything! Pt 2


As I said earlier this week, I’ve been asked to participate in the campaign for Gareth Cliff’s book launch.  I held a competition to giveaway a copy of the [rad, fun & hilariously fantastic!] book too, and I’m very stoked to announce the winner is…



I resorted to ‘einie, mienie, minnie, mo!’ because I couldn’t decide if Katleho’s clever comment or Bianca’s begging deserved it more.  Well done, Bianca, please mail me your physical address and a request for whatever message you’d like inside the book 🙂

Now, onto the review.

Here goes, are you ready?

On the same day that Tiger Woods fell out with his wife and crashed his car, so did Piet Grobler of Postmasburg.  The only difference is that Piet Grobler wasn’t on Sky News or in the tabloids.  Only his upset mother, his wife Grizelda and the eldest of their children knew what was going on.  Piet and his skelm snuck into the Hotel Formula One on a business trip to Krugersdorp and they’ve been texting each other since then.  She used to work for him in the 1990’s, and knew his wife.  While he was in the shower one evening, Piet’s wife Grizelda heard his Nokia phone  beep.  She picked it up and read the message: ‘Oooh ek mis jo… Ek I inni bad en dink aan daai aand in Kr’dorp ;)’.  Poor Grizelda felt the blood rush to her head and she climbed into the shower and started hitting Piet.  He had no idea what was going on.  Piet and Grizelda now sleep in different beds, but keep up appearances for the children’s sake.

When Piet Grobler heard about Tiger Woods, he felt much better.  Now he’s retelling the story, with relish.  Piet feels that because Tiger did all that stuff, he’s the same as Piet – but really he isn’t like Tiger at all.  Tiger is a very talented, very rich, superstar arsehole.  Piet is just an arsehole.

Hey?  How’s THAT, chinas?  I laughed my ass off.  This is excerpt of a chapter in Gareth’s book on infedelity.  You should hear what he has to say about abortion, Nigella Lawson and Death.  Brilliant!

It’s safe to say that although this is not really one of my favourite books all time, it’s definitely memorable as something every South African needs to read.  Not just because it’s written by a South African, but because his thoughts are well laid out, sometimes make sense and even though I disagreed with a lot of his theories, he writes them in such a way that I could understand how he got to the conclusions.  More than that, Gareth is a thought leader.  He’s unique, he has a few vital truths we all need to hear and also, he’s just so damn suave, man!

Really, do yourself a favour and get a copy.  It’s well worth the read.

If you want to try your hand at another giveaway, there are a few more blogger stops happening.  The next blogger getting involved is my friendly friend, @MikeSharman, and his post is scheduled to go live on Tuesday here.


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