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Fruit & Veg City – where you get discounted rotten food and surly staff members.

Fruit & Veg City

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Hi Fruit & Veg City

I tried to call your call center with no luck. So I am now resorting to social media to get my point across.

I am really disappointed in your Nicolway store, Food Lovers Market. Having discussed cutting down on costs so that we could save for other more interesting things in our life, one of our experiments was to not run to our trusty and reliable Woolies across the road, and instead visit the Food Lovers Market at Nicolway.  Well, never again.  Not only were the staff extremely rude and impatient with my boyfriend and I last week, but 50% of the groceries we bought in the store has gone off well before expiry date. We spent close to R2000 on “fresh” fruit, veg, fish and cold meats only to be let down at every point.

Some context:

Admittedly, we did arrive at 6:40pm but by 6:55pm all the fridge lights were turned off, the cashiers closed up and two staff members came to us in the store, rudely announced that they were closed and took our trolley to the till. We were left with our jaws wide open in absolute surprise. The till they were trying to use had already been cashed up and instead of moving to the next one, the cashier gave us a dirty look, clicked her tongue and rattled off in her mother tongue. Eventually another till was put to use and our groceries were all but tossed through the till and barely packed into bags. Before we could even get to the store exit we had staff pushing past us shouting they were late for the taxi.

Now for the food quality:

  • Last night’s dinner was meant to be salmon fillets. Despite being vacuum packed and only due to expire on 26th, it was off.
  • This afternoon’s lunch was meant to be ham and avo’, both of which were rotten.
  • My afternoon’s snack was meant to be grapes – they’re so shriveled and dry that it’s not even worth eating more than the 4 I did.
  • I’m not even going to list what I threw away over the weekend because my other half will have a conniption fit.

Underwhelmed, to say the least. And needless to say, we’ll never be back.

Parting thought: Woolies might be more expensive, but my god they’re reliable in terms of quality.


    • Shebee says:

      It’s shocking, Angel! Only now am I really angry with them. On the evening I was defending them to Jon saying “oh, they’ve had a long day… they have families to go home to…”. Now that my money is wasted, now I’m angry.

  1. Jessica Giggles says:

    I hate when money is wasted especially when you’re trying to be healthier! We’ve only had one bad experience with that Food Lovers’ Market but it was bad enough that we will never buy our meat there again.

    • Shebee says:

      Jess, I nearly vommed when I opened my lunch box today. I could smell that the ham was off before I even took it out of the vacuum sealed bag! Of course that just meant all the other fruits in the same lunch box are now in the bin too. Sis. I can still smell it.

  2. Brent says:

    Been to the same store quite a few times and never really experienced those issues that you had, one thing I will say is that Woolies fresh fruit and veg does stay fresh for the longest, but what do they do to it that makes it stay so “fresh” for longer?

    • Shebee says:

      Totally hear you on that one, B. It was one of my arguments FOR FVC when I convinced Jon we should give them a go. Woolies is known for adding all sorts of pesticides and things to their food to make them last longer. But honestly, how much does that even matter when you’re faced with the other option of rotten food?

  3. MeeA says:

    I was so excited when Fruit & Veg City Bruma relocated to Park Meadows under new ownership. And when the store opened, it was enormous and everything was shiny and beautiful and the food fresh and tasty.
    As Fruit & Veg Cities go, this really isn’t a bad one. But their prices aren’t much better than what you’d pay at any other supermarket chain. And they’re certainly no match for Woolies quality…

  4. Flarkus says:

    The Nicolway FLM (that’s too close to FML!) used to be the benchmark which I compared other branches against and I’d often buy our suppers there. However, they’ve done some underhanded things with the prices of unmarked items, that leaves a rotten taste.

    It’s a shame that the downward trend (first, the prices, then the food quality) has affect the staff morale and quality of the service. They could do a little more to attract their clientele back.

  5. CC says:

    I don’t do woolies because I just can’t afford it, but I have found that there are a lot of little butcheries and greengrocers that are fantastic (e.g. Sloane Meat Market: meat is the same or slightly cheaper than woolies and always exceptional quality), greengrocer next door is fantastic as long as you have the right guy serving you who picks out the best. There are a bunch of places, in randburg, sunninghill, parkhurst that are all amazing and worth the trip for a monthly shop. Then for bread, pasta, milk etc etc i either do a massive makro run or I pick it up from the sueprmarket when I need to.

    Never tried food lovers market except for a big meal i’m making immediately, so never had any issues there, but thanks for the warning, I will avoid the one at Nicolway.

    And for the record, I have worked a million jobs over the years, starting with cashier as a student and bad service annoys me so much. people coming in as you’re about to close happens Every. Single. Day. They should have a plan for transport in case that happens. And throwing fruit and veggies around is going to damage their product, leading to issues for you later.

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