From Cheerleader to Geekleader.

All my life I grew up as the rebel, the girl who wouldn’t turn down a joint and the student who never attended class.  I was the “popular” girl, the one who lead and not followed and the one who was always asked out first to any social event.  I had no desire to feed my brain because my heart was overflowing.  Things changed over the years, thankfully.  I’ve become a little bit more mature, a lot less shallow and huge heaps more in touch with who I really am:  the eccentric loud chickie not afraid to chase her dreams or follow her head, even if it sometimes leads to failure.

So much of this change needs to be attributed to the life I’ve lead and the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learnt.  Lessons that I wouldn’t change for anything if it meant I would turn out different to how I am now.  Aside from the lessons and mistakes, I’ve come to know myself through my writing.  Someone once pointed out that I write so much because its the only time I can actually slow my thought process down enough so that I can understand my own mind, and they were so correct.

Which leads me to my topic of today.  Without my blog, my writing wouldn’t mean nearly as much to me.  Being online and having my words read by others has done more for my soul than anything else has.  In blogging I have learnt to be honest with myself and share things with people I’ve (mostly) never met face to face.  And here enters Social Media & Web 2.0.

A conversation I had last night got me to thinking.  My online life up until now has always left me putting myself into my self made “Cosmetic Geek” category.   I’ve felt like a fraud, or a fly on the wall a lot lately as I’m helping to set up the Durban 27 Dinner again (which for those of you left clueless is a geek dinner event specifically for the purpose of networking with fellow onliners) and having looked at the guest list the other day, mine was the only name put down that didn’t “technically” fit in with the crowd.  Last night Bergen pointed out to me just how wrong I was, in such a way that left me sitting back with a smile on my face.  I may not be in IT or web developement (yet) or know exactly how to code or write scripts to make things work on the internet, but I have learnt more than the average nongeek. I’ve become my own brand of geek.

I have my own blog, which I maintain myself.  Most of the design issues are handled by me and although more often than not I call on my guy geeks to help with this or that, all technical problems essentially get fixed by yours truly.  I’ve learnt how to edit basic code, align things in html, a bit of graphic design, I”m a social media whore and I’ve even whoreganised my own nerdy competition which was so much more succcessful than I ever anticipated.

I might not know how to make my own plug-ins or explain to you what exactly a ping is, but goddamnit I’m sure trying to learn.  This year my goal is to conquer SEO.  Search Engine Optimisation.  I’ve also been asked to design a small little company website and I’m even being paid for it!  A handful of months ago I would have laughed at myself even.

Cheerleaders don’t do html, or know terms like “FTW!” and “404 Errors”, but this cheerleader sure does.  She’s happy to be a cosmetic geek, one with all of the determination to learn this webby tech stuff, but none of the Tech IQ. Yet.  This cheerleader does belong to the geek world.  And this cheerleader, she’s proud of it.


  1. Brett Pringle says:

    I must say i have always had the geek side to myself, spending countless hours in the past in front of the pc screen, high school days there was the definite geek side with pc games.

    I’m not sure that being a geek means you have to be the super geek type, the ones that sit for hours on end coding, reading the next AI improvements for pc updates or being a wiz at design.

    “Geek” is overrated, but at the same time, in the past might have been a term used to rip off the “nerds”, but in todays world, the geeks rule 🙂

    High five to the learning curve and being able to do your own design, blogging and riding the social media waves 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Sheebs, i’d say welcome to the awesome world of geeks but that would be wholly inaccurate cos you’re a queen geek already!

    Geeks are the new jocks and cheerleaders. in a world where success means a lot more than looks and clothing brands, everyone wants to be a geek… well, everyone with half a brain, anyway.
    and to be a hot geek such as yourself? well the wwworld is your oyster darling!


  3. Jeanette says:

    Hehe, that sounds quite geeky to me! I love it. Blogging has changed my life too… and so many people are now asking me to set their blogs up as well.

  4. simonB says:

    hehe good post.

    Oh btw for those of us with limited html knowledge there are brilliant tools available including but not limited to “Macromedia Dreamweaver ” hint hint just incase u looking for something for that website u doing?

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