From baby to toddler.

This morning at 5:30am I heard cooing and laughter coming from Aiden’s room, with a few thumps in between. Jon and Aiden were chatting away a storm during the usual nappy change, vitamin taking ritual. I listened out for the tell-tale sign of the nappy bin being opened and closed to know that Aiden would now be sitting upright, probably giving his dad multiple high-fives because one is never enough.

Moving into the kitchen, a distinct snigger from Jon as the cats bolt from their food bowls because the small, noisy human is clearly there now. The cats have reluctantly learnt to tolerate, at a push, this no longer new addition to our family. I knew that when I heard the microwave ping Aiden’s non-formula, big boy full cream diary milk bottle was ready for consumption and even if I wasn’t sure, his excited shouts for “Num! Num!” would’ve made me certain.

Before Jon switches the alarm to day mode so that he can move through to the lounge, I let him know I’m awake anyway so there’s no need to take away the little noise maker, come in and join me here. The two of them take over the bed in less than four seconds. Suddenly I’m sipping on tea with one hand, neck stretched out of reach from Aiden who is trying to pull the mug down to see what’s inside, even though it’s obviously tea, it always is. The two of them divide up cookies and biscuits and Aiden reluctantly accepts a Marie biscuit over Daddy’s yummier looking chocolate chip ones. Soon our bed is covered in crumbs and soggy Marie biscuit is smooshed into my gown as Aiden flings himself between his mom and dad periodically to get cuddles and/or more biscuits.

The minute I pick up my phone, Aiden looks to the tv so I can cast his songs, in excitement he’s screeching and clapping hands with a ginormous grin on his face, he can feel the songs are coming at any moment and when they do, he explodes in a little ball of happiness. Our hearts melt.

This morning Aiden started his first day at big boy toddler class. When he began going to school in November last year, his little school bag seemed so huge on him. This morning I had to loosen the straps for it to fit onto his back.

first day of school

Last week he took his first steps. He’s finally got teeth (with which he has learnt can chomp mommies toes when she’s not paying attention).

How did I ever get this lucky, this blessed? Every day I feel gratitude for this life I’m living. It’s beyond everything I could ever anticipate or hope for.


  1. catjuggles says:

    So much joy in all of this! And gosh, has he grown. Just the other day we were all prodding him on to bake fully in your tummy and now he is so big.

  2. Anne Smith says:

    Sounds just like our mornings! My son uat turned one .. Ben wakes up and then joins us in bed and smooshes rusks all over the bedspread before heading off to chase the cat… such a precious time! And such a cute reading about your adventures. Enjoy your boy!

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