Friday night: MINI Bayswater LTD Edition Activation

You guys, on Friday night I was blown away.  I was invited to attend a super mysterious event hosted by MINI South Africa at Pappas on Nelson Mandela Square.  Usually the MINI events I go to as one of their ambassadors are awesome and this one was no exception.  For a change, I brought a long a friend of mine who does not blog, use Twitter and barely makes appearances on Facebook.  Neesh and I used the MINI event for an excuse to have a girls night out and it was so much fun.

We arrived to a paparazzi session of photos and flashes, sat down at a table filled with interesting people (shout out to Alex from 94.7 with his perfect teeth) and lots of Greek food and drinks on tap.  Just after 9pm the Nelson Mandela Square suddenly lit up and loud music took over my brain.  I won’t try to explain what happened, it won’t do it justice.

Instead, watch this video.

Hello there, MINI Bayswater Limited Edition.  You’re beautiful and I love you._DSC5534 _DSC5532 _DSC5531

Try and tell me it’s not beautiful?  Phwoar.




  1. Jonathan says:


    Interesting to see the limited edition designs that MINI are coming out with…
    – Baker Street
    – Green Park
    – and this one.. Bayswater.
    Of those three, this would be my favourite for sure.

    I think it’s a refreshing take on the mundane usual selections that car manufacturers offer, some unique identity.

    I hope these are at least time-limited, which would really make them more sought-after over the standard ones.

  2. MeeA says:

    Very pretty! 🙂
    Sadly, it’ll be quite some time before I can entertain any designs on a sporty little thing like that!
    We’ve now reached the point where I’m going to have to get a 7 seater and let Tyler, my trusty little C2, go… I shall miss him. 🙁

    • Shebee says:

      MeeA, I know what you mean – I battle with my little C2 the minute there is anyone else with me inside, I’m not sure how you do it with 4 kids exactly.

      I’d love a MINI next, but I’m caught up between wanting a mommy-car, or spending some cashdolla and spoiling myself for another year or not…

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