For Shar.

To my special friend,

We’ve laughed, cried, lived and partied together since we were kids.  You’ve shared so much of my life and I’ve shared so much of yours, my family is your family and vise-versa.

You told me years ago, as we sat around a candle-lit cupcake dedicated to a little girl who was no longer with us, that I was the strongest person you knew.  I told you then that it has nothing to do with strength, it’s all about determination and taking things one day at a time.  Years later, I watch as you have to do the same thing.  But I look at you now and am amazed at the things you’ve coped with.  I’m so proud of the woman you have become.

I’ve never seen you look as beautiful as you did on your wedding day. You chose your life partner well, my friend, his love for you warms my heart.

I wish every love, happiness and joy to you and your brand new and awesomely awesome husbank.


Love always,





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