For lack of a better post….

Hmm. Somewhere along the lines of uploading this picture, the pixels fucked out. So sorry.

List of To Do lists To Do:
  1. Job finding to do list
  • Apply to work on ships & live good life
  • Update CV already, dammit
  • Give current boss brilliant BJ = big X-mas bonus (its possible, you know)

2. Pack up house to do list

  • Give away / sell belongings for strong drink
  • Sell underwear – I will be sailing without doondies, my new years resolution.
  • Locate packing boxes (possibly bribe cute spar manager with cleavage)

3. Cape Town trip to do list

  • Book dates with Conan
  • Send car for service (revert back to Boss BJ)
  • Decide what to take with to esCape Town

4. Farewell with friends

  • Make sure no one kills me for leaving
  • Order catering service – friends are piglets
  • concur with Martha Stuart (in spirit) on what to serve where and when

5. Find Laptop to buy

  • Blow job will not cover this, sadly
  • Must be online for sake of self sanity


  • Not everyone has the chance for a life makeover.