So in December I was given a lovely little surprise in the form of a few thousand rands in traffic fines. Knowing that Christmas pressies weren’t expensive enough, the SA Traffic dept thought they’d add to my budget. Awesome.

A cool little new online initiative was brought to my attention today, however It’s called and basically what they do, is supply you with official excuses to send into the DMV in the hopes of reducing your fines. This, when you think about it, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. To avoid the ridiculous fines put in place by the DMV is a noble goal, at least. The fact are offering this to you as a service is generous. Those foxy minded individuals are going to find themselves inundated with requests soon, so be sure to take immediate advantage.

It’s a well known fact that when supplied with a decent and plausable excuse, the Traffic Department will reduce, if not squash, your fines.

Is it legal? Yes.

Is it legit? Yes.

Is it handy? Hell yes.

So what do you have to do? Go to now and register, the rest of the site is self explanatory.


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