First day on the job and I’m already giving collegues nasty names

LessYay is my new boss. Its a clever play on his name, I feel quite secretively intelligent when I think about it actually. He, for the record, has small mans syndrome and is a complete and utter fucktard. I hate him. I hate my workplace. I hate the people that get paid there. I hate where I have to park my car. I hate my job! Hate it!

My feet are aching, my once healed broken foot feels broken again. I literally counted the times the second hand went around the clock and wished to be cuddled up in bed with a greek adonis. I’m so miserable man, why can’t I just find a position I enjoy? One that involves working with people and allows me to be creative? Not dealing with shitheads every two minutes and having to explain myself to Patrick, the car guard, as to why I am smoking in my car.

My first day went horribly.



  1. angel says:

    no no no no no no no!!! thats not what i asked for for you!!!
    aaaw shebeelicious… hang in there girl- you’ve dealt with MUCH worse!

  2. peas on toast says:

    Hello my little Sheebs

    I’m sorry to hear your first day didn’t go so well šŸ™

    Here’s hoping it improves and that your boss gets better as the weekend draws nearer. Thinking of you lots babe xx

  3. Susann Deysel says:

    watch that you don’t expose yourself… you got your FB linked.

    I hope that one day you get your dream job! With decent co-workers… I’ve bn there.

    To be exact… the company I worked at for 6 months last year. I hated it there. I more than just hated it there!

  4. KaB says:

    Ah pooh face…you’ll be fine man! It takes a little getting use to, that’s all!

    And anyway, name one person who is 100% happy & euphoric in their job! No surprises there!

    Glad to have found your newbie home…about bloody time!

  5. B says:

    I think Patrick just wants a drag …

    Tie him to you bumper and help him out..

    Go on.. its the right thing to do!!

  6. shebee says:

    Angel – resubmit your request chop! Hehe, yeah I’ve had worse things occur.

    Cath – Adonis. Get one. Now.

    Goblin – hidden….fun? Well one girl asked me if I was into knitting…

    Peas – IIIIIIIRRRRELAND! Take me with you! I’ll be like, your PA?

    Susann – well hi there! Nope, its okay – I’m not scared of FB. I already have my very own stalker.

    Kab – when you leaving you cow?

    Gluggie – Urgh. The fake world was better!

    Budget – Bugger off. Lets start a support group for miserable chics left behind. Business wise we’d make a killing. T-shirts that say:

    “My boyfriend died, here I’ll have yours”

    6k – Waaaaaaahahahhaaaaaaaaahhahahahaaaaaaaaa!

    Ash – I hope so.

    Kerryn – hello babe! Nice to see you again!

    B – Lol, well Patrick did ask me if I was “into” weed today…

  7. upset waitress says:

    This is the exact reason why I smoke pot. And drink. Alot. My boss is a fat shit ass. I hope he dies of a heart attack yesterday. His nickname is Fat Bastard. It’s only a secret to him.

  8. shebee says:

    Upwait – howdy! Check out the about page for a few scandalous links, my archives aren’t in order yet.

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