Fire Through The Window Sha-nade

When Cath and I lived together many years ago in a small little flat in Glenwood, Durban, we had a few rituals.  One of them initiated by Cath on the Friday nights where we were home alone.  She’d leisurely lie in a bubble bath and I’d plonk myself on the bathroom floor, both of us with glasses of cheap rose’ wine in one hand and a smoke in the other from a shared box-of-ten’s, which was all we could afford in those days.

Where we lacked in physical riches, we made up with others.  We had hopes, dreams, confidence and determination that it wouldn’t always be a struggle, it wouldn’t always be lonely and we wouldn’t always be anonymous.  And whilst we spoke through all of these things, we had the background soundtrack of the songs by Durban based indie-pop band Fire Through The Window, one of Cath’s favourite bands that soon become one of mine too.

Today, Cath emailed me and I was transported back to the past with the following exchange:

Cath: Sinead works with you? As in Fire Through the Window Sinead? OMG.
Me: WHAT?! Surname? There are 250 people in our office so I don’t know all the new people yet
Cath: De La Querra.
Cath: Wah. I know. I was pretty weirded out when I saw she worked there. Small world. You might want to throw in a Waynes World “we’re not worthy” for me 😛 “Hi Sinead, my old flatmate Cath and I adore your music. Thank you. *insert moment from Wayne’s World*”
Me: WAIT. Quick Q: HOW THE FUCK DOES ONE PRONOUNCE ‘SINEAD’? Is it like one of those weirdo Irish names Siobahn, pronounced Sha-vawn?
Cath: Sha-nade. I think… OMG.
Me: Jesus. This is not going to end well, is it?
Cath: THIS IS HILARIOUS. I have checked all available resources. It’s Sha-Nade. (aka I phoned people).
Me: Can I say “hey, Sha-Nade. My old flat mate and I used to cry along to your music into hairbrushes while getting drunk on cheap wine and sharing box-of-tens, sign this paper for me”
Cath: YES! DO IT! PULL A WAYNES WORLD. Tell her I thank-blame her for at least 60% of my emotional spaghetti resonation over the last 7 years.

And so I did.  I went hunting around the office and found Sha-nade, and gushed all over her and then told her the back story of how she had groupies and didn’t even know it and how Cath said I must say we’re not worthy and then I asked her for a photo and this is what she did:

Sinead. Sha-nade.


And she was so right.  Because no matter how many miles keep us apart, Cath, and no matter how many emails we may exchange on a weekly basis, and no matter how many midnight whatsapp bitching sessions or OMGTHEKETTLESTOPPEDBOILINGs, you and I always will be, worthy.  Also, the kind of girl I adore, is just like you are-are-are-are.




PS: Sha-nade is currently stalking you on Facebook.


  1. Cath Jenkin says:

    p.s. I am fully nostalgic now. Mostly because…every single one of the dreams we yelled about in the blue bathroom…have come true.

    You are my touchstone, Gates. X

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