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Today’s leg of the race to blogdom & celebrity in what has become known as #nerdies09, something incredible happened.  These twits started bidding on each others clothing, equipment, facial and body hair and even used up tissues.  Our old friend Wiggly D then went and turned the tables completely and suggested one of the finalist girls strip her clothes, bids started at ZAR100!

Cow_grrrl put up her fluffly cow for auction,  ExMi’s been forced to donate her sexy tie & t-shirt used in her porno pic and Snowgoose is auctioning off her Twitter Chop top & worn-over-trouser-undies. Yummy Mike has been challenged to shave his head so that either Miss_P or I get the fuzz, Saul has been challenged by ExMi to remove his facial hair (photographic proof of this is required) and I bet on Mike’s sweaty cricket practice shirt.  Thanks to Suetjies daddyo for the inspiration, the proceeds of all these bids go to an auction that Miss Parenthesis suggested, a Capetonian couple who are on the bones of their arses looking after 40+ kids in an organisation NPO registered.

Simon upped the game a bit by putting up a limited edition Fring 1gig flash drive plus the original South African Fring shirt (sweaty & unwashed) bids starting at R20 bucks only, there’s still time so get in and vote for a good cause and awesome rewards*!

All bidding wars will be closed at 5pm on Friday (today) so please jump on the band wagon if you haven’t already by commenting on either the linked pictures or right here. It’s for a good cause and Jesus will love you in heaven when the rest of us are braaing marsh-mellows down there with the red dude.

Getting back to the actual pageant, voting closes at noon today, so scroll down to the previous post and get clicking! Once we’ve established the top four by means of most votes, Steve and I will announce the two winners.  Don’t forget there are fantastic prizes up for grabs and you help choose who gets them:

  1. A limited edition Moral Fibre T-shirt full of goodness, flair & attitude.
  2. One domain plus THREE MONTHS free hosting from The Creative Foundation by Byron Rode.
  3. A luxury Body Thrills hamper homemade especially by ExMi for each individual.
  4. Free Dinner at Capello Sandton from Garsen Subramoney to the value of R300.
  5. An anonymous prize:A bottle of Rupert & Rothchild Red vino for the dude and a Charlotte Rhys hamper for the girl.
  6. And then, excitingly:  one final mystery prize from Simon B.

This competition has taught me a few things:

  • I really should have fucking allowed myself to be entered.
  • Geeks certainly don’t work very hard in the office.
  • Generosity didn’t just come from Mother Theresa.

*Please note that for each bid on Simon’s Fring items require you to actually hand the moola over to the charity, regardless of whether you’ve won the bidding war or not. Don’t bid unless you’re prepared to corka, dudes.

The Google Caveman in a hoodie.

The Google Caveman. In a hoodie.

One final note: How extremely SEXY is Don?!


  1. simonB says:

    You see I told you Vernon Koekemoer was after my blood because I made the Top 5 spot at #nerdies09.

    Anyway Vernon loves charity work and we now have a new deal.

    If you guys don’t bid on these fring goodies Vernon will Koekemoer you all and his buddie Rex the lion will roar and eat you up, Oh an Agmed the dead terrorist will keeell you…

    So go on and do the right thing and bid on one of my items and lets help some charity case to also smile a bit this month 😉

    Shebeegee has bid on both items R20 – so someone must top her, ever bidder that bids and then is outbid looses there money to the charity, so its a good way of raising some cash for a good cause.

    Anyway have fun and remember don’t take life to seriously 😉

  2. simonB says:

    hehe thanks to @shebeegee for finally putting up my profile picture thingy, now all the girly creatures will also see my true sexiness 😉

    Come on girly creature lady things, vote for me 😉

  3. simonB says:

    I will match @shebeegee’s bid on each of my fring items on auction – @R20 – Thus I am bidding R40 in total. @shebeegee ahs already bid R20 on eahc item.

    This means already R80 is in the pot for the charity.

    And since I cant win the bid because it’s my own stuff @shebeegee is still in the lead.

    Come on guys lets see how much we can raise for this charity in one day. Deadline is Friday at 5pm so bid at least R20.. I am sure we can clock over R8000 if we all work together. R8000 can go along way with 40 hungry mouths 😉

  4. B says:

    Where do you guys find the time???

    Hahahahahahah.. I am tired just reading about it. Have a fantabulous weekend..and I will try catch-up on sunday when I get my cellphone and PC privileges returned to me…


  5. ExMi says:

    too true. that geeks don’t work very hard.

    also. simon. man, that pic is hot. your cavewoman must find you tres attractive. spank that shit all over, dude.

    don. that pic. is. well. classy. had me licking my lips, baby.
    i’ll be your sugarmommy anyday.

    shebee. you forgot to add that byron’s pants are being auctioned as well. all participants in the event from the get-go should be eligible to donate personal items and make bids for charity.

    if no one else bids on them, i get them at twenty ront. bargain, if you ask me.

    i have one last pic that i never revealed during the twitter-escapes. and it’s steamy. i start the bidding for that, at sixty ront.

    whoever bids highest gets the picture. and who knows. i might even autograph it.

  6. ExMi says:

    ps: i vote don’s man-geri (geddit, it’s a play on the word ‘lingerie) should be up for grabs.

    not sure what i’m referring to? check it out.

  7. simonB says:

    hehe thanx for the comments @ExMi

    If you dig that pic so much, why not start bidding for an autographed printout. Then you can drool over it all day long. lol

    All bidding proceeds will go to the charity mentioned previously. Also We do it on the same terms as the fring items..

    What u think?

  8. Miss P says:

    Hey, I was bidding under the impression that all bids went into the charity pot, not just the fring stuff???? That 100 ront on Mike’s fuzz wasn’t JUST because he’s a hottie you know …

  9. simonB says:

    Agreed lets put al the bids into the pot for the charity. However everyone must be in favor that even if they dont win the bids they must still give the amount the bid, that way we can raise alot for charity and not just a small amount.

    Also I vote we give the bids another week because many people are still on leave and we can raise more if we give more time.

    Guys @MissP, @ExMi, @Mikestopforth, and @ all the other people reading this go on and bid a minimum of R20 of the fring gear, the idea is not to win the auction, (thats why even i bid on my own stuff 😉 the idea is to raise money for charity, there is no stopping you from winning it if u bid higher, but the idea is to build the jackpot so we have alot to give to the charity. If 200 people bid R20 on each item, then we can raise R8000.00 and thats just on the fring gear, never mind all the other stuff.

    So come on guys, I challenge all of you to bring your share.. 😉 Bid on something and challenge your friends to do the same.

  10. simonB says:

    I don’t know? Its either that or he hates charity things or something.. Anyway lets not turn this into a burn campaign, we all have our own thoughts so maybe i was wrong to slam the guys for down voting. oops after all its each man for himself..

  11. simonB says:


    Each item is seperate.

    Item 1: R20
    Item 2: R20

    So you matching R20 on each item, and then raising the bid by R10 on each item or by R20 on each item, lets just be clear so no one misunderstands?

    In other words Bidding is now a minimum of R30 per Item. and then we not have R120 in the pot for the charity..

    Btw thanx for stepping forward and bidding 😉

  12. simonB says:

    I mean R140 in the pot..

    R20 x 2 from @shebeegee
    R20 x 2 from @simonbotes
    R20 x 2 from @MissP
    then raised by R10 x 2 from @missP

    = R140 jackpot

  13. SwissTwist says:

    I’ve not bid on anything in the auction but as it draws to a close, I’d like to make a donation of R500 to be added to the collective takings. Good job on a fun filled week for all of us and to the good cause SheBee!! You’re a gem!

  14. Shebee says:

    Aww you guys are just fantastic, truly!

    The female winner has been selected, now I just have to decide on the boytjie. Winners announced on Monday morning first thing.

    Bidding wars are officially closed, but donations are always open to charity so don’t let my deadline stop you from doing what your heart wants to.

    @ SwissTwist, an awesome example of kindness, thank you on behalf of the 40 little ankle biters at the charity.

  15. simonB says:

    Ok so as of 5pm the fring goodies auction stood like this..

    Item 1 fring tshirt:
    @shebeegee R20
    @simonB R20
    @missP R60

    Total R100.00

    Item 2 fring 1Gig flash drive

    @shebeegee R20
    @simonB R20
    @Miss P R60
    @Heidi R60

    Total: R160

    I have been asked to postpone the bids to see if we can raise a few more rand for the charity, so if all the current bidders agree then we extend the auction until Monday 5pm

    Let me know what u think guys..

    I am sure we can do better than R260.00

    Thanx to everyone who took part so far. 40 hungry mouths can sure do with this little bonus.

  16. simonB says:

    Why thank you @missP the pot now stands at R300.

    Who will top @MissP’s bid of R100 for the flash drive and R60 for my old and smelly fring tshirt.

    Come on guys lets get this pot to at least R1000 by monday..

  17. simonB says:

    @ExMi you sure want them pants badly.. lol

    btw you sure you don’t want a nice sweaty fring tshirt.
    You can top MissP’s offer and bid R100.

    This tshirt comes with original fring blogger sweat and will be the highlight of any pj party:

    If you win the bid, you could take a pic of yourself wearing the Tshirt and then re-auction it off am sure the guys will go after it wildly then.. lol hehe

  18. ExMi says:

    simon – someone needs to save byron from the tragic mess that is those pink pants.

    saulkza just upped the bid for his facial hair to 100 ront. too keep it.

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