Fate shmate.

Right. Lets talk about love for a minute. My best friends are both married. They have kids. They have beautiful homes. All in all, they are happy. As good friends genuinely do, they want the same for me.

Leon, who decided he’d had enough of the single life, joined gaydar (he’s a homo, if you didn’t know) and within two days found a guy he enjoyed chatting to. A week later they were in contact over the phone every five minutes, I shit you not. Smses came through constantly and I eventually stopped answering my office phone because I knew it would be his dude. A month later, the dude moved in with Leon, they were engaged by that weekend and have since decided to have a legal gay marriage ceremony. All fine and well for them. But I’m not here to discuss their relationship, I’m here to discuss mine with nobody significant…yet.

I asked Leon how he could move so quickly, he said:

I made up my mind on what I wanted, made a list and J fitted each item. He found me, it is fate.

Well, fate can suck my big hairy (balls) toe. I don’t believe in fate. And I’ve made my list before, but I’ll place another order anyway, just in case:

I’ll have the single guy out there with the sense of stability, humour & independance, with a side of sex appeal, honesty and humanity. Hold the baggage, bullshit and drug addictions please.

There. Now lets see what fate has russled up for me, shall we?