So, its three more sleeps until my family leaves. I have really had such a good time having them stay with me. I thought it was going to be crowded, but I’ve loved every minute of it and to be honest, am dreading being alone again. I’m going to have to relearn how to live by myself.

On Saturday, Australia will become an even better place as my family arrives closer to my two best friends in the computer, Amy & Rob. They’ll be in Perth, guys, so promise me that if either of you two go near there, you’ll go say hi, okay?

I’ve learnt things about me, while having my dad around daily for the first time since I was a little itty bitty ankle biter. Its brought us so much closer, and I’m really glad.

Highlights of having my family with me the last two months:

  1. Tuesdays will never be the same. They are now known as Fucky-wucky nights, and Ash and I find every excuse to get out of the house that night. Two guesses why.
  2. Dad and Darryn stealing a pubs two rugby mascots in their inhebriated state. Dad felt guilty the next day so gave them a make over, spruced them up and delivered it in a box back to the pub with an anonomous apology riddle. The next time we went back there, the mascots were placed so high up, a giant would struggle to reach it.
  3. My father finally got the chance to meet all my good friends. One of them, F, collapsed laughing when Dad stood on the table to be the same height as he greeted him.
  4. Trace and I have become even closer than we were before and I truly do think of her as my udder-mudder.
  5. I am going to need a holiday once they are gone, just to get myself back into the motion of going to bed early and staying at home during the week.
  6. Late at night, when I should have been sleeping like a normal person, Ash and I stay up giggling like bloody idiots, adding to the list of our clutchplate dictionary. Here, have some examples:
  • Hoeknaal: toenails.
  • Vat are very cool – no explanation necessary, I’m sure.
  • you is a anoos
  • How lamm is that (lame)?
  • more to be added later, I have to finish this post immediately and check emails.