Ever wondered what a normal ‘news’ day is in SA?


  • Here is an interesting one about a guy who got pissed at his two mates so stabbed a chick, went home & knifed his mom, then spiked his dad while sleeping in his bed, stole his moms car and drove to a little clutchplate town called Orkney.  As Karma would have it, he crashed the car which then forced him to leg it a while til he got to a rail way track, where he was then squished to death by a train.  Bugger!
  • Another one to read is about a 23 year old undead man. Apparently.  Pay R5 to see the boy who lived (again)!
  • Wanna steal our almost gold-like status electricity?  Be careful, you might just get the befuckery beaten out of you and walk around with a frikken snake tied around your neck!


Life in South Africa.  Never a dull moment.  Hey, I got through this entire post without having the electricity trip, once!