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So on Monday I was one of a few bloggers invited to attend the launch of the new concept from FNB and eBucks who have pretty much transformed their eBucks card into a debit swipe payment system that allows users to pay for fuel.  What a novel idea!

To celebrate their 9th birthday, I met Jessica Yellin from eBucks at an Engen garage where there were loads of muffins, coffee and snackies to listen to Lezanne Human who is the CEO demonstrate how simple it is to purchase petrol, diesel or oil from any participating Engen garages.  What’s really cool is that it’s all basically for free.  Everytime you swipe your FNB card, you earn eBucks.  The more eBucks you earn, the more free stuff you can gain.  Now add food for your car to that and we have a winner, baby!

How it works:

  1. Register with eBucks if you haven’t already.
  2. Fill up with your required amount of fuel.
  3. Hand the attendant your eBucks card, provided you’ve accumulated enough points (if you haven’t got the whole amount in points, don’t worry – you can pay the balance with cash)
  4. The card will be swiped
  5. Enter your very own special, secret and unique 4 digit pin
  6. Once the transaction has been approved, sign the little slip with your autograph
  7. Buckle up, lock your doors, put up the music and drive away knowing that you’ve safely just filled up your tank at no expense of your own thanks to eBucks & FNB

How awesome is that?  I got a complimentary eBucks card linked up to my already existing account and will be testing it out this weekend.  Nothing beats getting stuff for free, just for belonging to a loyalty program.  I’m super stoked about it.

Now, if you have any questions you can call the little dudes at eBucks on 086 123 3000.  They’re all super helpful and right now are salivating at their phones waiting for YOU to say hello.  Just like that.



  1. Duke Dwane says:

    This is really cool, but what happens if a customer returns the items that were bought using the eBucks card? How does the reversal process works?

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