Dynamite Comes In Short Packages

I’d love to say “small packages” but I’m not really small, weight wise…

This week I’ve had a few surprise visits from people online who’ve heard I’m at Aqua now.  Some of them I’d met before, briefly, others I’d only interacted with online.  What’s prominent in most of the people I meet in person for the first time is their surprise at my size.

For one, most of them don’t know I’m a chubby – this is okay as I don’t often broadcast it [what woman does?] but what I really get a kick out of is their badly hidden shock at how short I am.  “I totally imagined you as much… bigger” is something not unheard of.  I’ll laugh and say “oh, you know, dynamite and packages and all that”.  And then I’ll walk away somewhat confused.  What is it about my online persona that gives off such different vibes to what I look like in person?

But then I thought about it.  I do the very same thing.  When I met ExMi for the first time in real life we went for coffee with her kid at The Pavillion in December about three years back.  She was so much shorter, only a head taller than me.  And she wore a skirt.  I’d never imagined her to be the skirt type.  And her voice was much deeper than expected, but somehow suited her personality perfectly.  ExMi is chilled, she is relaxed.  Why should her voice not be?

And then of course there’s Cath.  This woman of women who spent most evenings on the phone with me discussing life in general for about a year before I met her face to face.  She is so loud, so verbose, so brash and funny and out there.  Yet when you meet her in person you almost over look her completely due to being of hobbit size proportions, except skinnier.  She’s this little person that shocks everyone she meets because she’s so small.  Another thing I never expected was her pure energy.  Jesus that woman will tire out a world cup rugby team in three hours, let me tell you.  A night out with her is a night out to remember, one involving sausages and trash cans, lost dignity and waking up to a car filled with illegally removed stop signs.

So my point is, just because we come across a certain way online – it doesn’t mean that’s necessarily all we have to us.  Agree?


  1. cath says:


    Jees i love you.

    Yes, people, I AM this short. LOL.

    And I should come with a warning label. LOL.

    I probably did but, knowing me i picked it off and chucked it in the bin before reading it

    It’s there, somewhere, possibly hugging my old blender. LOL.

  2. Andrea says:

    For me, it’s the tattoos and piercings that get people.
    I apparently come across as “not that kind of girl…”
    It must be the geek girl logo that is attached to me.
    And I also have a tan, and I’m TALLER than people expect.

    People also comment on my hair. *shrug*

  3. Wayne Bisset says:

    When people that have read about my rather checkered past and the type of work I have done they won’t believe I am the guy they read about. I am a compact chap, weigh in around 57kg. It amuses me that people think life is like the movies and the characters in real life should fit in with Hollywood. I wrote about my experiences in Angola and call it The Chronicles of a Mexican Horse Thief, I am South African and not a thief! This confuses them a bit more. :}

  4. Angel says:

    Totally agreed!!
    I think the perception it has a lot to do with people’s presence online. When someone has a “big” presence in their writing, you almost expect them to match their personality in stature.
    I have been blown away more than once when meeting someone I got to know online.

  5. Glugster says:

    Exmi, there’s no way you are 1.74m. That would mean you are taller than me which is unlikely unless you walk around with tomato boxes strapped to your feet.

  6. CC says:


    How tall are you Sheena?

    I think it’s the same with people who you speak to through work etc, always on the telephone, for years, and then you meet them one day and it’s so weird to reconcile the actual person with the picture you always imagine. Well that’s how it always is for me 🙂 Voices conjure up pictures and it usually doesnt match up.

    Exmi – 1.74m is tall!

  7. Nayes says:

    Yeah people are kind of surprised to learn that I’m actually kind of shy…. no issues for a shrink there AT ALL…. Actually I’m only shy around certain people/strangers…sometimes….it may possibly be a bipolar thing…or a gemini thing…but yeah…some people render me mute. sometimes. ah fuckit. Someone said to me once “I didn’t think you’d have such nice legs…. Ok then….

  8. Sid says:

    This Cath person sounds like fun. I want her to be my bestfriend.

    I’m going to my first blogger meet-up next week. I’m soooo exicted. I’ve never met other bloggers before. I actually don’t read many South African blogs though.

  9. cath says:

    LOL @ Sam

    LOL @ Sid too. Sid, it depends. I have seriously high standards 😛

    Although, now that ive stalked you, i think we totally could be 😛

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