Drink it. It is beer.


My friends mom died.  Her daughter’s EveGranny.  Another friend is going through a divorce because she was cheated on.   Jon and I are both getting sick, my house mate’s are in Margate so I’m home alone, I’m missing my family a whole bunch and I’m really mad about certain people in my life.

But the good news is that my country is under spot light and for once it’s not for Apartheid or crime or corruption or something weird one of our leaders did.  It’s because, aside from being awesome, we’ve delivered the World Cup in a top notch, professionally impressive manner.

Last Wednesday I spent the day in Sandton surrounded by 185 000 other human beings all with the same goal: to show support to our national soccer team, and to celebrate in how far South Africa has come.  I was dressed in yellow from head to toe, walked about 8 kilometers in very hard shoes, but had fantastic yellow nail polish on that everyone complimented me about.  The vibe was absolutely amazing, people were screaming and singing and dancing and chanting and blowing vuvuzelas.  The facial expressions on our boys’ faces were something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

On Friday we had a bit of a shindig at Aqua for the opening ceremony.  Let me just say, the tequilas started just before 12pm and by two, everyone had lost their dignity, never mind their names.  I may or may not have shed a tear singing the anthem.  And watching the dung beetle mount the soccer ball.  And the weird flaggy thing making up the African continent.

Shut up, I might not cry when necessary, but at least I cry when not.  It’s a start, I suppose, for a non-crier like me.

Anyway.  Today saw me at a live World Cup match.  Netherlands vs. Denmark.  I was in a sea of orange, drank Bud Weiser with the dutchies, ate a boerie roll, sat next to a few strange cats and watched a stadium filled with 83 500 people lift up my spirits and fell in love with the game of football.  I have to admit, even I was a overwhelmed with how well our country has done.  Not only do we fit the specs FIFA gave, we’ve over achieved.  It has never been a better time to be proudly South African.  And to all of those who immigrated overseas because our country “is going to the dogs”?  Woof, woof, bitches.

In other news, I’m about a week behind on my work, I have two in-depth and over-due reports and unattended meeting schedules and I’m supposed to be working right now, but I felt the need to put this out there first:

I WAS THERE.  I am South African, I am loud, I am proud.  I can’t blow a vuvuzela, but if I could I can promise you that no one in my life right now would be free of how much noise I’d be making right along with the rest of my country.

Feel it, it is here.

Or, as my friends would say: Drink it.  It is beer.


  1. Mam says:

    Well said, I too have been caught up in the soccer fever. Jaxx our local restaurant had a one man band and chicken or beef burgers braaied on the deck for Twenty South African Rond. The atmosphere needless to say was something that will be etched in my memory forever, especially when our wonderful Bafana Bafana scored. I am very priviledged to be sharing this moment with my kids all caught up in the fever, especially Wokkie I even got him a Game Log book and we diligently watch and keep score of every game. Go team spirit. I am very proudly South African.

  2. stalker says:

    excellent post sheen, I am wishing I was there seeing the world cup, it would be awesome, but at the moment I think I would be too focused on shooting some asshole in the leg for lucy… I hope I dont fall into the group of bitches who abandoned the country as it was going to shit? Maybe I am but I dont regret for one min having done what I did, but in the long run SA is my home and I will be coming back, I miss SA, I miss my friends and family and I miss the way things work. I wish it was easy to leave SA and not look back but I think africa is in my blood and it will always be my home!

  3. Mike says:

    Excellent post Sheen. We are all in the soccer fever and Bafana has played well and hopefully will win the cup.

    It has been a great experience so far and I am sure it will be ever lasting.


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