So it’s official.  I’m living with my boyfriend.  Despite still having another month leased at my place, Jon and I have pretty much already moved most of my things into his home. Ahem, “our” home.  This weekend was spent doing shopping for house thingies (we roadtripped to a faraway town called Brits, because the bargains there are apparently unfreakingbelievable!

We got curtain poles, house accessories and beautiful girly things that Jon turned a blind eye to, for next to nothing.  Aside from this being a highlight, we were in awe of the little town’s vibe.


Jon: Oh my.  Where is that Afrikaans music coming from?!

Me: *squeal* It’s so weird how everyone just walks in the streets instead of driving!

Jon: Hey, why don’t you try and be a little more obvious when you lock the doors everytime someone comes near the car?

Me: This is where the bad part happens in every scary movie, dude.  I’m just saying.  Small towns like this are freaky.

Jon: Oh look!  There’s that shop!  [We’d been looking for one shop in particular that a very mooi Afrikaans tannie who had no shoes on recommended to us]

It was hot as hell.  Seriously.  I had the aircon going even when the car was being loaded with poles.  Like, I was being blown away by gale force winds the aircon was on so hard.  Fuck me, it was hot!

On the way home, Jon decided to indulge me by taking another route through Diepsloot.  “It’s an ADVENTURE!” I kept telling him every time he looked at me and mumbled “the other way was shorter.  I don’t like these roads.  THIS IS A HIJACKING HOT SPOT!  The other way is shorter.  THE OTHER WAY IS SHORTER :(“.  He was a walking, talking unhappy face.  Like, he was actually sprouting unhappy emoticons all over the place.

Once home (only took about half an hour longer than the other route, and we weren’t even hijacked or anything), I decided to wash anything that stood still long enough.  Dust in Fourways is like air in ones lungs; apparent.  Fucking dust EVERYWHERE.  And it doesn’t help that the maid is one hundred and millionty seven years old and missing her front tooth.  I still feel too new to request tasks from her, and I think Jon is just plain scared of her.  She looks like a sangoma, but without the blanket.  So she comes twice a week and does her thing, and then leaves.  Miraculously, at face value the house always looks tidy, but there is dust on top of the dust on top of the dust.

So I decided to get rid of it. I cleaned on top of the toilets, the ornaments, the picture frames, the glass jars I’m so very fond of sticking in bathrooms, hell – I even cleaned the pot plants.  About an hour later, everything was covered in dust again.  Fuck it, I give up!  I then decided that I needed to rewash all of my linen and bathroom towels, mats etc.  Once the first load was done, I chucked them into the tumbledryer only to realise that it was borked.  Great, loads of wet mats and towelling and nowhere to dry them, thanks Gloria for telling us about the broken machine!

And just in case all this domesticity wasn’t enough for you, I got hold of the hammer and decided to hang up the gorgeous photos Jon had blown up and printed on canvas for us.  Except apparently I did a horrible job.  Look, the excessive nails (three of them on top of each other because I maybe might have possibly made a teeny little mistake) on the wall is not as “characteristic” as I thought.  Also, Jon claims that he’ll be redoing all of them because I did a shit job.  Hmmph! I don’t think it’s that bad… do you?

Anyway.  I can’t wait until all the curtains are up in the house, I’m DYING to take photos and show you all what we’ve done.

PS: Those photos were taken off the photo booth strips Angel and Gluggie had at their twedding 🙂


  1. Chris M says:

    Congrats!!! Way cool, looking forward to seeing the photographs! 🙂

    I must say, the photographs look awesome, but lol, their placement is a bit, uhm, uneven? 😉

  2. Chris M says:

    Hehe Sheebs, they’re awesome, I’m just an anal OCD bloke who needs things to be evenly spaced, forgive me 😉

    But ye, very stoked for you, this is awesome!

    Oh, and I’ve always wanted to go to Diepsloot, I hear there are some amazing fishing spots there!

  3. Shebee says:

    Hehe, I know. Jon is the same. Except he’s CDO, because that’s how the letters are supposed to be ordered. Alphabetically, you know…

    Diepsloot seems to be an area made of potholes, litter, homeless people and shack houses. Nothing remarkable at all in my opinion.

  4. StevenMcD says:

    oh my freaking word Sheens, I am so happy for you. When I see how everything has changed for you it just makes me smile.

    And the wall in the picture is just awesome, might steal the idea for our new housie too!


  5. flarkus says:

    Picture arrangement is fine, but no’s 2 and 3 appear to be ever-so-slightly askew. But if don’t bovva you, who gives?

  6. MeganTS says:

    i haven’t ventured to Brits, but i have been to boksburg flea market a couple of times and i’m just as bad. i refuse to drive there without the aircon on cos i believe the air needs to be filtered.

    And the people. dude. there was a fat old bloke wearing a polar fleese camo tracksuit. top and bottom. makes me happy to be english!!

  7. Shebee says:

    Hehehe Angel, our friend Rozz stepped in on Saturday night and lasted all of 45 seconds before she literally could not bite her tongue any longer.

    “Bbbbbb-b-b-b-b-but they’re SO SCEWWWW!” she said, followed by an immediate apology at the sight of my crestfallen face.

    Immediately Jon’s chin raised itself righteously ever so slightly. Asshole.

    If they’re so frigging scew, and according to popular believe they might just be, then Jon can bloody well fix them. And he might as well fix up the three nails on top of each other while he’s at it too. Hehe. Woopsie?

  8. Angel says:

    Mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa… When I asked Glugs if he’d seen your post today he said “The one with the skew pictures?” I nearly choked on my Coke laughing!

    If you’ve seen the wall by the staircase in our house you’ll know I don’t mind pictures hung all higgledy-piggledy! I think it takes all Glugs’ restraint not to rearrange them!!

  9. cath Jenkin says:

    p.s. Go Jon on re-hanging those pictures.
    They woulda driven me mad.

    p.p.s. P puts the toilet roll on the opposite way to how I believe it to go. I may kick him. I’m going to have a chat with him about it. LOL! YOU KNOW HOW BIG I AM ABOUT TOILET PAPER!

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