Dirtbin Lingo – I miss it.

One of the reasons I love my mate ExMi is because she’s a Durbanite at heart, like me.  Although we’ve both settled into Hoburg life, our roots will forever remain that which is humid.

Whenever I go to the coast I pick up the lingo within a split second of being around my homies, this is something I noticed over my holiday in December.  Some of the things I have had to explain to Jon go as follows:

Rash: Stop rashin’ me, bru. <- you happen to be irritating the bejesus out of me.  Halt.

Tjoon: I’m gonna tjoon him when I see him ‘gen <- The next time he is in my company, I’ll let him know how I feel, vehemently.

China: She’s my china, vatachillpill. <- I consider her a close and personal friend.  Don’t concern yourself over this, I’ll sort it out.

Watfor: Yus, bru I gave them watfor! <- My friend, I gave them a very strong talking to, promise.

Oath! <- you may trust me with your life, I’m telling the utmost truth about this.

Can you think of any I’ve left out?


  1. Tara says:

    China is definitely a word not used enough anymore.

    I’m a real kieff and lank whore though :/ Besides bru of course.

  2. Po says:

    Debbenites always seem to say “doll” in avery singsong way.

    And also a thing noticed in Capetown is people say “heel” when they mean “hill, but Durbanites come closer to “hull”.

  3. Wezz says:

    I’m originally from Peetooria and I can tell you the Tjoon, China & Watfor is English lingo there too. But when ever I’m in Durban I can’t wait to get me some Fush and Chups.

  4. BiancaW says:

    Hey! I dig Fush and Chups too, bru.

    comments are too funny.

    B – you know – from that humid place. (of which, it is not, today. Actually, quite flipping chilly!!)

  5. CC says:

    BiancaW – isn’t it wonderful! I almost died on Sunday and Wednesday, no sweating today 🙂

    I’ve lived in Durban my whole life but have never heard “rash” and “watfor” interesting… 🙂 I prefer not to use colloquialisms but it is good to know what they mean 🙂

  6. deborah says:

    cant think of any slang (although have been told us durbanits often say “is it” a lot) but gotta add nothing beats the dbn bunnychow

  7. deborah says:

    sorry one last thing-nothing beats a good chip n cheez roti from johnies (sunrise hse of curries) after a hectic nite of partying

  8. BiancaW says:

    Deborah – dude, that place should be shut down!! I am sure it breaks every single health law in the book. That said – my husband IS still alive, after consuming too many of those things. 🙂

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