Did you know?

  • That SAA charge more “air taxes” than they do for the actual flight fees?
  • Cats have feelings too.  Especially if they’re ignoring your affection because you locked them in the bathroom by mistake.
  • I will be 25 this year.  Holy shit balls!  When did this adult inhabit my body?  And where the fuck did those eye wrinkles come from?!
  • There is no feeling better than the instant after you remove your bra.  Much like when one kicks off ones shoes at the end of a long day.
  • People who say one come across as obnoxious and self righteous.  As does one who thinks one can’t add one plus two.  One can, you know…
  • Cameron, my soon to be husbank, made it to Idols top 14.  You go baby boi.
  • Just the preliminary stress of house hunting makes ones heart palpitate.  One doesn’t even want to think about what it will be like if one actually does move.
  • I’m feeling extraordinarily restless lately.
  • Cremora makes coffee taste like you’re on holiday?  Stroosbob it does.
  • Spammers are evolving.  I got my first ever “inheritance share” letter the other Monday.  I was quite stoked actually, I’d been left out of it for all these years.  This spammer was a girl from Nairobi and shame, her dad was murdered and her step mom cut out her share of the inheritance and now she was hiding in some shelter.  Quite sophisticated shelter to have the ability of emailing me, if I’m honest… Anyway.  Not only would I inherit 20% of her millions, but as an added bonus she would come to my country “and settle down with me for happy ever lasting”. I am devestated that I’m not into girls.  Truly.

You know I said I felt like things were changing?  Yeah.  It’s happening as I tap at this computer.  Indeed.  Insert smiley face here.

<personal rant which no one will understand>

Also, you, the fucking bitchtit who hurt my friends. You, dipshit, have no idea how badly you’ve just fucked up.  And the sad thing?  It’s not just them that you’ve hurt, its yourself more.  You’re going to miss out on something so rich, so beautiful, so inexplicably wonderful.  All because “you weren’t ready”.  Well, shame.  On you.  For you.  But mostly, screw you.  I can say this because my friends can’t, you’re a fucknut.    And this is the second time I’m having to blog about your sorry ass making mistakes.  I shake my head at you.  They’re better off without your instability.

</end personal rant which no one will understand>

That’s about all I have in me right now.  Stay tuned, my friends.  Things are achangin’ 🙂


  1. Laura says:

    There is indeed nothing better than removing your bra at the end of the day! It is almost indescribable the relief!

    Maybe you could learn to be into girls? Take her money then run off with Cameron as soon as he wins Idols? Its the stuff dreams are made of!

  2. dash says:

    you’re right, i did not understna.d but it was all the same an incredibly good rant. i really want to rip into someone like that in person…not just in written words. The kind of exchange that you and they will remember for the rest of their lives…

  3. dash says:

    and also I’m gonna put out there that one of the coolest feelings in the world is removing someone else’s bra*.

    * depending on level of hotness**
    ** also prone to saggage assessment

  4. Tom says:

    Congrats! Now you can move on to spam baiting where you get those Nigerian twits to send you pictures of themselves holding pictures that say crazy things. I do it all the time:)

  5. B says:

    Change.. seems like there is alot of that going on lately..

    I almost feel like I should wear my bra on the outside today..

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